Platform Development

A demanding R&D position at the forefront of today's digital media technology.

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Is mastering new technologies and platforms the kind of thing that excites you? Are you ready for the challenge of optimizing existing modules of our software or developing an entirely new component of the application suite? 

As a developer you would work closely with the other members of your immediate team, as well as receiving regular input from colleagues in Marketing and Professional Services - the research effort at EidosMedia is closely focused on the evolving needs of customers and feedback from ongoing projects. 

These are highly challenging positions, requiring a willingness to learn new technologies and platforms and to apply that knowledge to specific project requirements (we are currently developing solutions that leverage REST and SaaS approaches, as well as our key technologies of NoSQL and Bootstrap.) You will need to keep up to date with the latest developments in your application area and be able to translate technical advances into concrete application benefits. 

You will be surrounded and supported by other brilliant people who, like you, are passionate about technology and the results it can deliver.

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