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Installing and configuring advanced digital solutions across a global customer base.

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Are you ready to be working alongside big names in global publishing or in the world's leading financial institutions? As an application specialist you will be working in the 'front line' with our customers. You will be involved at any stage of a project, analyzing the requirements, designing the solution, configuring, installing and testing the modules and implementing integrated solutions, up to the supremely satisfying moment when the solution goes 'live'.

 Alternatively you could be working in Systems Support. 

Our customers' operations depend on our installations running smoothly 24/7. As a front-line troubleshooter you will play an important role in quickly identifying and rectifying anything that may impact performance. Your excellent technical know-how, good communication skills and determination are key qualities here. 

Because our customer base is international, working for PS gives ample opportunities to travel and experience other cultures and working environments. 

This kind of mission requires flexibility and a problem-solving approach to achieving results. You also need to be a good communicator and team player because the success of these projects depends on close cooperation between people often working in different countries and different time-zones.

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