DAM solution for RCS MediaGroup

Italy’s leading publishing group has used Méthode to consolidate its multimedia archives into a single asset management system.

The RCS group possesses an extensive legacy of multimedia assets previously distributed across a number of archives. In adopting the Méthode solution, the group has taken the opportunity to bring all of these resources together into a single DAM system, totally integrated with the editorial and production environment.

As well as handling the migration of the archives to the new DAM platform, Méthode has also optimized access to the contents through automatic categorization of archive assets using the powerful meaning-based technologies deployed by Méthode’s integrated Autonomy™ search engine.

The RCS group has been using Méthode’s editorial and CMS functionalities for several years, both in the print channel (for the magazine portfolio, the weekly supplements, and part of the Gazzetta dello Sport), as well as the online editions corriere.it and gazzetta.it.

Méthode is also used to produce most of the online editions of the group’s magazines and the websites of the book publishing division.

The DAM project involved the bringing together of all published and unpublished assets previously residing in the group’s archives - a total of around 20 million items occupying over 13 terabytes of storage.