News UK advanced page design

”... even the most graphically complex headlines and layouts are editable in real time ...”


Following the move to the Méthode platform of its US and Australian portfolios, the News Corp group decided to adopt the same platform for the print and digital editions of its UK titles the Times, the Sunday Times and the tabloid Sun. The adoption of Méthode formed part of a reorganization of the group’s UK operations, known as Newsroom 360.


The lively print layouts of the Sun were created using an off-the-shelf graphics application with a range of special effects for the formatting of typography and graphics. The use of this application added considerable complexity to the revision and updating of page content.

The Sun’s editorial staff wished to continue use of these effects, while benefitting from the simplified workflow and digital channel integration offered by Méthode. This required an extension of Méthode’s inbuilt graphic design tools.


Méthode already incorporated an advanced page design workspace with functions rivalling those of a dedicated graphics application – multilayer page composition, advanced typography and color management etc. Nevertheless, there were a number of effects required to create the characteristic page layouts used by the Sun’s designers that were not part of the Méthode toolset.

In parallel with the the rollout of the editorial solution, the new functions were added to Méthode’s page design workspace as part of an upgrade which also included the introduction of support for Opentype fonts.


Following the transfer of production to the Méthode platform, the Sun was able to use a ‘write once, publish many’ approach: its print and online stories are generated from the same source files and even the most graphically complex headlines and layouts are editable in real time right up to the moment of publication.

The simplification of workflow significantly increased the productivity of the editorial process, while retaining the advanced graphical capabilities of the earlier solution.