Do more. Do better.

"What technology has complicated, smarter technology can simplify."

Quick and easy 

Méthode is supremely easy to use: its workspace deploys familiar interfaces that are highly configurable to give analysts, SAs and compliance officers the tools and assets they need without unnecessary clutter. 

Standard applications like Excel™ are tightly integrated into the workflow with live-linking and content access from within both Méthode and Excel. Charts, tables and graphics are managed and deployed with simple drag and drop actions. 

Freedom through automation 

Many operations that consume time and energy in a conventional editorial process are completely automated in Méthode. 

When publishing to multiple channels, for example, no 'repurposing' is ever required: documents begin their life already pre-formatted for delivery to multiple channels and devices.

'Assisted authoring' pulls in live values and content from external sources, ensuring accuracy and timeliness, as well as higher productivity.

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Built for teamwork

Fast, accurate collaborative authoring and distribution - by design.

Workflow governance

Compliance and quality assurance

A granular system of permissions for individuals and groups ensures that only permitted actions can be carried out by authorized users at each point in the workflow.

Tracking and recovery

All operations in Méthode's editorial environment are tracked and recorded. This creates an 'audit trail' for every product with full details of operations and individual responsibilities.

SMART analytics 

Méthode incorporates an integrated business intelligence tool, SMART. SMART gives deep insights into performance and resource usage.  

Tailored delivery

Serving multiple channels, multiple devices, multiple audiences - with a single product.

One-click multichannel distribution

Every new creation in the Méthode workspace is already preformatted for its future destinations. At any time an author can preview the product as it will appear in any of its output formats: print document, webpage, tablet display, mail alert, syndicated distribution etc.
As soon as a product has been approved, it can be delivered to its various audiences with a single click. All content selection and formatting is entirely automatic. 

Personalization and editioning

Where a product must contain varying content for different audiences and channels, authors tailor the selection by tagging content for inclusion or exclusion. At the point of publication the tagged content is selected and sent to the appropriate destination.

Searching and sourcing

Locate structured and unstructured data across multiple domains.

Cross-domain searches

Méthode's powerful search technologies give access to internal and external resources, from documents in production databases to syndicated content and sensitive data in legacy archives.

Active queries

Queries can be set to be continuously active, thus collecting results as new materials enter the database and alerting users to their availability.

Using queries to monitor and manage

Queries can be tailored to generate real-time work queues for users and groups, streamlining the workflow and optimizing resource usage.

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