Precision and productivity in structured content management.

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EidosMedia platforms manage content at a more granular level than conventional document management systems. They enable a modular, team-based approach to workflow with significant benefits in productivity, oversight and compliance at every stage of the project life cycle.

These solutions have proven themselves in demanding sectors, such as financial services, where regulatory compliance and the security of valuable intellectual property are critical considerations.


Advanced digital technology simplifies and streamlines
complex content-management processes.

Using structured content

Each component of a document, from a simple dateline to an embedded video, is tagged and managed as a separate element.

Parallel productivity

Separate parts of a document can be worked on in parallel by multiple users, speeding completion and delivery. Once created, each part can be used – and re-used – in multiple documents.

Governance and compliance

Dynamic permissions are set for each component, ensuring that only authorized users can carry out permitted operations on that component at every step in the workflow.

Smart control

Dedicated business intelligence tools analyze workflow data and return meaningful reports to reveal inefficiencies and opportunities to improve the use of resources.

Live content links

Documents can include live-linked content from external sources – from disclosures and disclaimers to numerical data and Excel™ charts – ensuring real-time updates and accuracy for included content.

Open technology

The use of standard technologies and a complete set of documented APIs allows EidosMedia platforms to be extended and interfaced with other corporate systems and environments.