A demanding environment

Creating and managing the documentation supporting drug development and marketing has become a highly demanding process.

The number of formats and channels involved continues to multiply, markets are increasingly globalized and, last but not least, the regulatory climate is tightening.


Conventional document management systems are failing to keep up:

  • Poor handling of the move from paper-based to digital documentation and multichannel distribution

  • Monolithic document structure impedes reuse of content and wastes storage resources

  • They have limited provision for team-based working and permission control

  • They put heavy reliance on manual processes – slow, error-prone and costly

The Tradeoff

This often forces companies to make a choice: fast documentation speeds products to market ...


... hasty execution entails risks to document quality and regulatory compliance.


The Solution

A platform allowing high-productivity document creation and release ...

together with

... a high degree of compliance and quality control.

Structured content management for Life Sciences

The benefits:


Reduced costs and time-to-market

Value adding

Staff freed from time-consuming routine tasks


 Greater control and oversight


Greater accuracy and compliance at all stages of the project

What would such a solution need?

Eidosmedia’s Méthode platform delivers both precision and productivity.
The result is to combine high-efficiency workflow processes with the highest standards of document quality and compliance. Eidosmedia platforms go well beyond conventional document management systems with structured authoring tools to to deliver a new paradigm of critical content processing.

A channel-neutral format
like XML

No repurposing

Intelligent automation
of routine operations

High productivity

Granular workflow permissions
and controls

Quality assurance

Project planning and task assignment

Tight teamwork

Automatic multichannel

One-click publication

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