Compliant delivery 

Built-in mechanisms to assure compliance while maximizing workflow efficiency.

Controls and checkpoints

Automated workflow mechanisms ensure content and procedures comply with relevant regulations.

As well as user permissions, workflow governance is assured through checkpoints preventing material from proceeding along the workflow path without meeting predetermined conditions. Rule-based alerts flag possible SOP or regulatory violations. 

Audit trail

Previous versions of documents and components are conserved, providing a complete ‘audit trail’ of changes made and the users responsible. At any time, an item can be rolled back to a previous version to recover from erroneous editing or damage. 

Process analytics

An integrated business analytics tool analyzes every transaction in the work environment to identify areas where productivity can be improved and waste eliminated. 

Multichannel output

Once created, content can be output automatically in any format or channel, from PDF reports to printed patient information, digital marketing materials, social media posts and mobile app formats. No manual reformatting is necessary. 

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Planning and orchestration

EidosMedia platforms are designed to provide exceptional visibility and oversight of projects and processes. A shared planning space, accessible from any location or device, gives a real-time overview of all projects and the progress of their constituent tasks. 

Automatic notifications and messaging within the workspace keep team members up to date with projects they are involved in, regardless of their physical location.

Parallel teamwork

Modular document structure allows users to work in parallel on separate parts of a document, speeding workflow. Each user sees the complete document updated in real-time as other team members build their contributions. Supervisory staff get the same view of documents in progress.

Access from anywhere

EidosMedia platforms are accessed by ergonomic user interfaces, tailored for devices ranging from desktop PCs to tablets and smartphones. All exchanges with remote users are encrypted and subject to configured user permissions. 

Workspaces are personalized to foreground the specific functions required by each type of user: researchers, reviewers, compliance officers, auditors, outside contributors, etc.



Tools for locating multiple content types and monitoring workflow.

Cross-domain searching

Integrated search-engine technology allows multiple domains, from internal archives to external data sources, to be searched using a single query. Search functions can locate non-text media, such as graphic and video files, by extending the search to the metadata tags that accompany the content. 

Monitoring with queries 

Queries can be saved and shared between users. Workflow queries (“Show me all Phase III clinical study reports submitted in the last quarter”) can be used to monitor project progress, as well as creating alerts flagging specific events and milestones in the environment. 

Universal asset management 

EidosMedia platforms can access and display materials in any format, from legacy office applications to the latest digital media. Users may open and edit any format in its native application under full workflow control. 

Flexible technology

An open and extensible framework for custom platform creation and Cloud deployment. 

Built using open and extensible technologies with a complete set of standard documented APIs, Eidosmedia solutions can be easily integrated into existing corporate environments and extended using third-party components. 

Solution modules are specifically designed for use in cloud deployments, both ‘private’ or hosted by providers like Amazon Web Services (EidosMedia is an AWS Advanced Partner).