New challenges for news producers

As a news producer in today’s market, you face a number of challenges. The multiplication of channels and devices adds to the cost and complexity of your operations, while the shift of advertising from print to digital may have eroded your revenue base.

In addition, social media platforms increasingly stand between you and your readers, while the technical ‘barriers to entry’ into the news sector have fallen, creating new, nimble, competitors.

Strengths and limitations

As an established news producer, you have several strengths you can draw on:

  • highly experienced news gatherers and editors

  • a recognized brand that confers authority and credibility (now more important than ever)

  • an existing community of readers


… you are held back by a number of factors:

  • high costs of technology and human resources

  • cumbersome, print-centric news-creation processes

  • difficulty with managing online audiences and social platforms

What would you need to create a productive, sustainable news operation?

A single-story model

Write once, publish through
many channels (digital first).

Fully integrated print channel

Print should be just another channel fed by the same digital story formatted and paginated in high-quality print layouts with minimal manual intervention.

Faster news processing

“Repurposing” wastes your time and staff resources. You need automatic adaptation of story to multiple channels (including social media and platforms).


Easy future growth

It should be easy to add new products and formats – apps, blogs, newsletter, voice interaction – that share content with existing products.

A worldwide user base

Our platforms power some of the world’s most successful news media operations.

A technological fix?

What would ‘the right technology’ have to offer?

A single platform

One platform for all channels and functions from print ad placement to social media management.

Significant productivity gains

Built for teamwork 

High-visibility planning and coordination inside and outside the newsroom.

More effective teamwork and use of resources

Tailored delivery

Automated news formatting and delivery to multiple channels and devices.

Reduced time to market

Advanced print management

Automated print layout
and edition tracking.

Powerful print/digital integration

Mobile working 

Work-anywhere capabilities using mobile apps and workspaces.

Flexible, faster working


Easy expansion into new products
and formats.

Strategic advantage and future-proofing

Case studies - platform at work

Eidosmedia platforms power many different types of news-media organizations, from purely digital operations to hybrid print-digital and magazine portfolios.

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