Our platforms power leading news-media organizations across five Continents, 
ranging from large international groups to national and regional publishers.

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The delivery of a good story is the fundamental activity of a successful news-media operation. In today's multichannel environment it's easy to lose sight of this fact. 

EidosMedia's mission is to restore simplicity and efficiency to storytelling through the application of advanced digital technologies. From web and mobile apps to social and print media, content creators can concentrate on their audience and the story content.
EidosMedia technology takes care of the rest.


EidosMedia platforms use a single application space to handle every aspect of the process from initial planning to multichannel delivery:

Creating content

A universal workspace for multimedia story creation, accessible from any device in any location.

Planning and coordinating

Topic and task-assignment tools ensure smooth teamwork, even across multiple locations.

Digital delivery

Stories are pre-formatted for all output channels. Publish to multiple destinations with a single click.

The social space

Authors use powerful search and filter tools to locate newsworthy content. One-click posting to multiple media with detailed performance and feedback.

Advanced print design

Newspaper and magazine output is totally integrated with digital channels and uses powerful page design and edition planning functions.

Monitoring and analytics

Native Business Intelligence tools optimize newsroom operations while integrated Analytics applications track reader traffic and behavior.

A worldwide user base

Our platforms power some of the world’s most successful news media operations.


Cobalt is a next-generation digital publishing solution developed by EidosMedia. 

It uses a ‘decoupled’ design to provide ultra-flexible delivery to a multitude of digital destinations, from standard web pages to mobile apps, news platforms and social media. 

Cobalt’s flexibility comes from a modular approach that allows a range of components - including open-source items - to be plugged into the platform using standard REST interfaces. 

At the same time it provides the stability, support and documentation of a fully managed platform, making it suitable for enterprise-level, mission-critical deployment.

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