Advanced print design

Méthode's page design tool incorporates a powerful pagination environment with all the functions typical of a dedicated graphic design application.

A complete solution

Total integration

EidosMedia platforms make no distinction between digital stories and those destined for publication in newspapers or magazines. A single story file can generate a print-media article, as well as online versions.

When dragged into a print page, the story will automatically take up the typographic and layout features associated with the page template.

High-end graphics

Print page templates are prepared using the platform's advanced graphic design tools, creating high-quality page designs rivalling those produced using dedicated graphic design applications.

This template-driven approach allows high quality graphic layouts to be produced and populated with content quickly and consistently.

Multi-edition planning and tracking

Print publications are often published in regional editions with differing advertising or editorial content. These variants are handled in a highly intuitive edition management space where multiple editions are displayed in page-plan view.

Complex edition structures can be built up by cloning, copying and editing pages and sections. Editions can be saved as templates for future publications, allowing rapid creation of localized news products from a base of common content.

Remote edition tracking

The edition planning space gives supervisory staff a complete overview of the state-of-play of pages and sections as the editions near completion. The tracking space can even be monitored from outside the newsroom using a dedicated tablet and mobile app.