Tailored production

Distribute multiple variants from a single communication.

One product, multiple distribution channels

In Méthode, content is created only once. By storing it in a channel-neutral format, Méthode can simultaneously format a communication for distribution to all relevant channels - print, digital, mobile, encrypted feeds.

Different variants for different recipients

Say good-bye to repurposing information. From a single all-encompassing product, multiple variants can be assembled and distributed to different recipient groups or destination channels.

Team-oriented orchestration

Built for collaboration across users, tasks and locations.

Project collaboration

Team collaboration centers around Méthode’s shared workspace. Used to plan projects, orchestrate workflow and monitor progress, the space keeps contributors in touch and on the same page.

Team-based workflows

The freedom to edit workflow structure, user assignments and security controls on the fly allows communications to evolve as new ideas and information become available. The built-in alert system eliminates dead time between tasks by notifying users when their attention is required.

Remote access

Modern organizational structures require working on-the-go. Collaboration is seamless across Méthode’s desktop application and web-based interface, Méthode Swing. For greater portability, the tablet Swing app and smartphone app, Memo, keep on-the-go users connected.

Analyzing efficiency

Identify bottlenecks for continuous improvements across the workflow using Méthode’s business intelligence analytics tool.

Information management

Information where you need it, when you need it.

Data ingestion

Seamlessly ingest data from a wide-range of existing digital sources, including email, data feeds and legacy systems.

Asset management

Méthode can locate and display virtually any digital file format, including non-text content by extending the search to metadata tags.

Content security

From planning to dissemination, security is prioritized across every task.

Tailored accessibility.

The granular system of permissions, applied at the component or fragment level, controls accessibility for each step of the process. All contributors, from employees with high-level clearance to one-off contractors, can work on the same communication.

Automated compliance 

Méthode minimizes the trade-off between productivity and compliance. Automated features can be configured to comply with regulations and agency policies: conditional checkpoints, red-flag alerts and automated boilerplate content, along with a number of QA tools.

Content Tracking

All operations within the Méthode environment are tracked. The resulting 'audit trail' records all actions and responsible users for every communication, available for legal review or version roll-back.

Flexible technology

Built to adapt to your needs - now and in the future.

Cloud deployment

Méthode is available on the cloud through our Advanced Partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud deployment of Méthode is FedRAMP "Ready" certified. 

Draft SSPs for FedRAMP "Moderate" and "High" are in place and available for a security requirements review by the government.

Seamless integration

Méthode's open and extensible technological framework is designed to smoothly connect with import/export services and APIs without additional costs.

Web Standards

Built on W3C's web standards, Méthode manages all content at the fragment level in XML 1.0. We apply 'best-of-breed' open technologies, chosen for their power and ease of integration, in compliance with leading technology and security standards.


Experience Méthode 

Join EidosMedia and NTVI to learn more about Méthode's capabilities and its role in the public sector. The monthly lunch-and-learn is held on the third Thursday.