Integration - simplifying the workspace

No platform can provide a complete spectrum of functions, especially in today’s rapidly evolving digital marketplace. To handle tasks outside their core functionality, Eidosmedia platforms integrate best-of-breed third-party applications.

These applications range from standard packages like Adobe CS™ and Microsoft Excel™ to leading analytics and CRM applications.

Embedding intelligence

The scope for adding value through platform extensions has expanded recently with the arrival of tools and services based upon machine learning and AI.

These services are used to augment platform functions with two kinds of intelligence:

'Content intelligence' services that increase the value and usability of the content. They include semantic metadata tagging and advanced classification, as well as quality and compliance controls.

'Productivity intelligence' tools that assist users by providing shortcuts and prompts to accelerate the platform’s already highly automated workflows.

Easy interfacing

To speed the integration with these external apps and tools, Eidosmedia has developed a ‘partner ecosystem’ and API framework to allow users to quickly explore and adopt the applications available.

These tools are fully integrated into the user workspace through dedicated panels and dashboards, simplifying the user experience and avoiding the loss of focus and fatigue caused by switching between multiple applications.

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