Financial research - new challenges

The activity of investment research publishing is coming under pressure from several directions:

Technological change - customers expect to receive content in a growing number of formats and channels.
Regulatory pressure adds to the costs of achieving compliance .
Volatility and noise narrows the timeframes within which organizations need to respond.
Data and AI-driven developments represent opportunities - but also threats.


Conventional document management systems
have not kept up:

  • They're often based on standard office apps, combined with some rudimentary sharing functions.
  • They're adequate for producing one-off reports with tables and charts - but when it comes to creating team-based, multiple-media content, conventional solutions have serious limitations.
  • They use a monolithic document structure. This prevents parallel working, re-use of document components, slowing completion and delivery and increasing systems overhead – ‘technical debt’ and data footprint.
  • They have poor planning tools and workflow controls. Compliance and quality assurance require intensive manual checking.
  • Their formats cannot feed digital and mobile channels without manual reworking – diverting staff resources from more valuable activities.

Fortunately, there's another way.

Structured content authoring provides a new paradigm for financial publishing

Smart automation

Eliminates routine editing and formatting tasks, freeing staff to add more value.

Automatic publication

Publish to a full range of devices and channels without manual intervention.


Modular documents allow parallel working and content reuse.


A shared planning space coordinates and monitors multi-team operations.


Built-in checks and controls assure document quality and compliance.

Mobile user interface

Authors and editors access workflow from any location using mobile devices from laptop to smartphone.

Improved productivity and governance

Structured authoring solutions allow organizations to increase both the quantity and quality of their published output - without growing their resource base.

Eidosmedia solutions for financial institutions and ratings agencies offer a content governance paradigm that goes well beyond the capabilities of a conventional CMS for the banking sector.


Automated checks and controls

Staff freed from routine supervisory tasks are more productive and more creative.

Parallel working

Productivity is further enhanced through modular documents, parallel working and component re-use.


Regulatory compliance and quality assurance are improved, while requiring much less manual inspection

One-click publishing

Documents are pre-formatted for all output destinations and publish with one click.

Case studies in investment reporting

Read how global investment banks, asset management companies and rating agencies are using Eidosmedia’s platforms to achieve new levels of productivity, quality and compliance.

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