Powering the world's leading financial research

Eidosmedia platforms are used by: four of the world’s top ten investment banks, one of the world’s top three ratings agencies, as well as independent research firms in the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Every day over 6000 analysts, SAs and support staff use Eidosmedia solutions to prepare and deliver timely market intelligence to many millions of subscribers worldwide.

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Beyond the PDF

Research firms and banks are moving their offerings to the next level, using the latest digital technology to deliver their customers a quantum leap in user experience:

  • Personalized info and data selection.
  • Interactive models and graphics.
  • Video, audio, podcasts and automatic text-to-speech.
  • Mobile-friendly formats and interfaces.  


Some users deliver their data and reporting directly to other research organizations using Eidosmedia’s powerful APIs to provide a Research as a Service solution.

The Rapid-access Portal

An online resource space where Investors explore your reporting in depth with the help of digital media and interactive graphics.

A lot of investment research is still delivered using classic 'push' techniques - PDFs via email, for example. Unfortunately much of it tends to be deleted without opening.

The rapid-access portal

The alternative is to let your readers ‘pull’ your reporting from a rapid-access portal.

The portal lets your customers actively explore your research, filtering and drilling down to get the insights they need. Interactive graphics and data visualizations aid in-depth understanding of data sets.

Hands-off publishing

Smart templates allow visualizations to be created quickly, without special skills or training. Publishing to the portal is completely automatic – leaving authors and editors to concentrate on their reporting and the needs of their audience.

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Standards and compliance

Automatic checks and validations ensure that all published content is compliant with regulatory frameworks and the organization’s own quality standards - while minimising the need for manual supervision.

The Eidosmedia CMS for banks, financial services and investment research supports compliance with European GDPR legislation, SEC regulations and Web accessibility best practices.

Eidosmedia is a founding member of the RIXML consortium, establishing standard XML formats for investment research software.


Eidosmedia CMS solutions for banks, financial services and investment research comply with the Information Security Management System (ISMS) standards ISO/IEC 27001 and additional Cloud controls ISO/IEC 27017, and was certified for both by the British Standards Institute, confirming our commitment to managing information and cloud services safely and securely.


A familiar workspace

Eidosmedia desktop applications flatten the learning curve for authors and editors by giving users a familiar office UI/UX, based on Windows usability guidelines.

Mobile applications use the same design library, easing the passage between the two environments.


Embedding AI tools and services

Eidosmedia’s new ‘partner ecosystem’ makes interfacing and integrating cloud-based machine-learning and artificial intelligence tools fast and simple.

The kind of functionality that can be added in this way ranges from AI-driven text analytics to business metrics, audio/video integration and advanced CRM.

Structured Authoring

Expand and enrich your offering - without growing your resource base


Modular documents allow personalization and content reuse.

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Tailor your delivery to each customer’s status and preferences.

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Add media and interactive graphics with a simple drag & drop action.

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Content planning

A shared planning space coordinates and monitors multi-team operations.

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Smart Automation

AI integration delivers more, faster and better

Dynamic layouts

Pre-formatted templates generate all layout and device variants.

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Embedded Intelligence

AI tools take care of tasks from semantic tagging to sentiment analysis.

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Automate for quality

Automatic checks and controls ensure quality and compliance with minimal supervision.

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One-click publishing

Documents are pre-formatted for all output destinations and publish with one click.

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Technical support and training

Eidosmedia provides a wide range of resources and services for developers, from a dedicated VS environment, design library and full technical documentation to an active developers’ forum.

Practical training for editors, designers and developers at all levels from introductory to advanced is delivered by the Eidosmedia Academy in face-to-face and virtual classroom formats.

The Partner Ecosystem

The functionality of Eidosmedia CMS for banks and financial services institutions can be extended using cloud-based tools and services. Integration is fast and easy thanks to collaboration with partner companies and the use of powerful APIs and interface technology.

Amenity Analytics

Amenity Analytics applies machine learning to automate processes that add significant value but normally require extensive manual intervention. They range from routine tasks like locating and tagging entities and themes present in the text to sophisticated quality control.


Singletrack is the #1 client engagement and analytics platform for capital markets. Fast to implement, Singletrack boosts performance across sales, trading, research, investment banking, operations, strategy, corporate access and compliance, maximizing revenue, profitability and workflow efficiency.


Next-generation investment research in practice

New levels of productivity, quality and compliance. Read how Eidosmedia platforms are transforming the research operations of global investment banks, asset management companies and rating agencies.

A high-security global cloud platform

A high-security global cloud platform

A US investment bank with a global workforce moves its research operation to a cloud deployment.

The platform delivers exceptional levels of security and continuity, as well as boosting productivity and cutting costs.

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Global Investment Bank

Global Investment Bank

The user is an investment bank headquartered in the United States with around 65 offices worldwide. The research division employs about 1000 staff to produce over 50,000 reports each year in formats ranging from brief e-mail bulletins to multi-section reports with tables and charts.

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Global ratings agency

Global ratings agency

A global ratings agency uses a staff of 1700 analysts and coordinators located in 19 different countries to produce around 4000 items of financial research each month for distribution in PDF and digital formats.

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Research as aService

“Research as a Service”

A USA-based research company created a single global cloud platform hosted by AWS to create and distribute financial reporting and analysis to a subscriber base of over 30 million accounts.

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