Create, control,

Master the entire content life-cycle from
initial idea to final delivery.

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Create high-value content 

Simple authoring workspace


Simple authoring workspace with powerful tools just a click away

Work from any location


Work from any location using any device from PC to smartphone

Enrich with multimedia


With multimedia from any source from local shots to image bank

Control the process from end to end


Keep everyone on the same page with a high-visibility
planning space.


Assign tasks and materials to teams across
multiple locations.


Track progress and production from any device
at any location.

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Content publishing systems

Deliver in any format to
any destination


Your content exactly as it will appear in every channel.


Nothing can be published until all revIewers have signed off.


To any destination from web-pages and mobile apps to social media and print.


Audience response using tools from A/B testing to scroll depth and engagement plots.

Every day Eidosmedia platforms serve:

Authors and coordinators - Eidosmedia Stats

32 K +

Authors and coordinators

Multimedia stories - Eidosmedia Stats

45 K +

Multimedia stories

Digital Assets - Eidosmedia Stats

280 K +

 Digital assets

Readers and viewers - Eidosmedia Stats

65 M +

Readers and viewers

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