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Investment Research

From data to decision

In the financial sector our platforms take in massive data and information flows and use leading-edge AI technologies to transform them into findable resources, accessible across the whole operation.

They empower research teams to create and disseminate investment research compliantly and at scale across all formats, driving timely, effective investment decisions.

Investment banking

Asset management

Wealth management

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News Media

Re-engineering the news

In the news-media sector, audience evolution and technical innovation have driven massive shifts in business models – and continue to do so.

Our customers stay ahead of these developments with continuously evolving digital solutions that maximize the performance and profitability of their news portfolios.

Multi-site news portals

Mobile news apps

Newspapers & magazines

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Eidosmedia’s new digital platform brings unprecedented speed and simplicity to the creation and delivery of digital news content.


Who’s using Eidosmedia Solutions?

Eidosmedia research platforms are used by:

Four of the top ten global investment banks

One of the world’s top three ratings agencies

Leading asset & wealth managers and independent research providers

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Eidosmedia editorial platforms are used by global news groups to deliver:  

Multi-title digital news portfolios

Mobile news and social media content

Newspapers and magazines

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Your content has high value for your audience

Whether it’s market intelligence, corporate communications, consulting or technical materials - your content has high intrinsic value for those who use it.

Your content must satisfy strict requirements

The material you distribute must satisfy high standards of quality and/or regulatory compliance.

It may also be confidential.

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Your content is the product of careful teamwork

Several people are involved in creating, reviewing and approval before final release.

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You need to improve productivity

You are required to produce more and produce it more quickly, without growing your resource base.

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You need to improve collaboration

Your operation has become complex and difficult to coordinate using standard office applications.

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You need to improve security

Your operation is vulnerable to attack through the weak points in standard office applications.

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News & Views

Neon – AI future-proofs the CMS

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Eidosmedia partners with gateB on advanced financial CMS solutions

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Using AI to power investment research

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Every day Eidosmedia digital content management and delivery platforms serve:

+32 K

Authors & coordinators

+280 K

Digital assets

+45 K

Multimedia stories