Orchestration - simplifying teamwork

As the number of people in the operation grows, conventional and informal coordination methods - emails, phone calls, shouts across the office - become steadily less effective in keeping the work flowing. ‘Dead time’ builds up, errors and misunderstandings become common.

Remote working often makes things worse.

The shared planning space

The high-visibility workspaces used by Eidosmedia platforms restore simplicity to the collaboration process. In a shared planning space, coordinators assign tasks and share materials; authors and designers have their assets at their fingertips; everyone can see what their teammates are doing and coordinators can monitor progress in real time.

At any location

The workspace scales to cover staff at multiple locations with powerful mobile applications ensuring smooth coordination of distributed teams, even in 100% remote working mode.

User-friendly remote working

The consistent use of modern, ergonomic interfaces across all mobile devices means that remote working staff are assured the same comfortable user experience they are familiar with from consumer apps and portals.

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