From Data to Decision

Government agencies hold some of the richest data assets on the planet – but unlocking the value of that data for administrators and citizens is not straightforward.

For data scientists and analysts busy managing data pipelines, building products for wider audiences is a challenge.

Making data accessible where and how it’s needed means mastering the technical-human interface in a way that only the most evolved digital technologies can do.

The Méthode government CMS is such a technology.


A Proven Performer

The Méthode platform is an industrial-strength solution for creating, managing and delivering data-enriched content within organizations and across the public domain.

It has evolved over two decades of application in demanding contexts like media, global banking, international logistics – and now as a government CMS for federal agencies and the public sector.


Méthode addresses the key mission of public-sector information management: to transform data and analysis into accessible, high-value content for audiences and constituents inside and outside of government.


Across the Content Life Cycle

A Polyfunctional Government CMS

Méthode goes well beyond standard government CMS capabilities to handle the entire content lifecycle from ingestion and creation to final archiving and disposal.

It incorporates the functions of several application types from business process management (BPM) to content services (CSP) and digital publishing (WCM).

This integrated approach eliminates data and process fragmentation by handling the entire process - from ingestion to delivery - within a single workspace based on standard technologies.

Management is simple – all of this functionality is delivered through one application to be validated, secured and maintained.

Familiar - but More Powerful

Méthode looks familiar - it uses interfaces similar to standard office applications. At the same time it incorporates powerful teamworking tools: group collaboration, workflow controls and reviewing mechanisms.

Méthode's open architecture also allows seamless adoption of new technologies, like AI and ML.

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“…one application to be validated, secured and maintained.”

Smart Automation – High Productivity

Méthode government content management system automates many of the routine processes that slow down conventional operations. Users beat the trade-off between precision and productivity by working faster, AND achieving high standards of compliance and quality.

Manual Workflow Smart Automation
Supervision Editors and supervisors have to carry out detailed inspection before releasing work. Automatic validity checks flag up issues with document structure and content before it can be released.
Orchestration Colleagues make phone calls, send emails, shout across the office. ‘Dead time’ between operations builds up. Users are notified automatically as soon as a something needs their attention.
Re-using contents
Re-using contents Re-used content must be checked for accuracy and currency Re-used content is live-linked from external sources so that it is always correct and up-to-date.
Multiformat media
Multiformat media Staff have to repurpose media manually for each output destination. Media reformats automatically in every location and output channel.
Multichannel publishing
Multichannel publishing Multiple output destinations mean manual repurposing for each channel All documents are multi-channel ready from initial creation and publish with one click

Méthode at Work

Financial Reporting

A global financial organization improves the quality and quantity of its research output using Mèthode’s structured authoring approach.

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Process Control

“…close control of editorial processes without intrusive supervision or intervention. ”


Dynamic Permissions

Méthode incorporates a powerful workflow orchestration platform that provides close control of editorial processes without intrusive supervision or intervention.

Every object created in Méthode government CMS – from a simple report to a media-rich presentation – passes through a number of predefined stages from creation to final dissemination.

At each stage in this workflow path, the ‘permissions’ or ‘entitlements’ associated with the object – who can do what – change continuously so that only permitted actions can be carried out by authorized users at each step.

QA - Automatically

In Méthode government content management system there are also checkpoints in the workflow that prevent the item proceeding until some action has been carried out – a legal check, for example, or the insertion of a graphic.

These control mechanisms ensure that all published output complies with the organization’s procedures and standards – at the same time reducing the need for manual control and inspection.

More about Workflow Management

High-Visibility Orchestration

Méthode ’s organization-wide planning space keeps everyone on the same page.


Users get complete visibility of operations - even in the most complex and geographically distributed organizations.


Coordinators assign tasks and monitor progress in real time.

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Work Anywhere

Authors and coordinators work from any location using Méthode’s mobile user apps.

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Excellent End-User Experience

In the private sector end-users increasingly expect rapid, multichannel access to data and services.

As a government CMS, Méthode’s advanced digital delivery allows government agencies to deliver the same level of service with fast, friendly web and mobile interfaces for citizen end-users.

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...rapid, multichannel access to data and services.”
“ ... RMF compliant for the NIPR and SIPR DOD networks.”

Data Security and Authentication

Government installations are increasingly subject to attempted cyber-attacks. The use of poorly integrated and obsolescent software has made some administrations particularly vulnerable.

Méthode’s platforms architecture is far easier to secure than a collection of confederated applications.

It incorporates robust authentication features and protocols to guarantee enterprise-wide data and system security.

Méthode government CMS is RMF compliant for the NIPR and SIPR DOD networks.

More about Advanced Security Layer

Scaling in the Cloud

The Méthode platform has been optimized for private and public cloud hosting or hybrid installations of both kinds.

Cloud deployment allows a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) approach to functional provision.

As well as eliminating the need to invest in and maintain hardware, it also provides server capacity that can be scaled up and down in real time to meet the changing needs of the operation

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Méthode at Work

Deutsche Post retail network coordination

15,000 retail post offices are coordinated using Méthode by the German logistics group.

Read the case study

A Trusted Project Partner

Reliability and Continuity

Years of experience in mission-critical sectors like news media and financial services allow Eidosmedia to deliver solutions with exceptional levels of reliability and continuity.

24/7 Support Worldwide

Eidosmedia’s worldwide customer base is supported by a complete range of real-time services from remote installation management to 24/7 hotline support.

Training Academy

Customer and partner staff keep up to speed with Eidosmedia technologies thanks to the programs of online and hands-on training provided by the Eidosmedia Academy.


Eidosmedia is committed to providing enterprise applications accessible to all individuals. This includes users working with assistive technology, such as speech recognition software and screen readers.

Since 2018 Eidosmedia has implemented a review of design practices for all products, setting developer guidelines for basic functionality and for customer-specific integrations.

To help meet our Universal Design goals, Eidosmedia follows recognized best-practice guidelines and is committed to meeting Section 508 and Level AA WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.

Public sector Partners:


A&T Systems

A&T Systems has been providing Information Technology support to public sector agencies since 1984, having managed 50-plus contracts in the past five years alone, across multiple contract vehicles, including GSA Connections II, GSA Schedule 70 and others. A&T Systems is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, Authorized Reseller and Government Competency Partner carrying a Letter of Supply for all 40,000 CLINs on our GSA Schedule.

Amazon Web Services Federal

Eidosmedia partners with Amazon Web Services, a leader in cloud computing in the public sector, to offer a software-as-a-service model of its Méthode platform. Eidosmedia is a certified Advanced Global AWS Partner and AWS Federal Advanced Partner.

Cloud Lab
Experience the power of Amazon Web Services Federal. Visit Eidosmedia and see Méthode in action in the cloud.

Strategic Technology Assessment

STA LLC. is a certified Méthode reseller and HUBZone based in Washington, D.C., providing management consulting services to government and commercial clients. STA enables organizations to assess and build the case for change, develop forward looking business plans for information technology management of unstructured data and content.

Moya Technologies

Moya Technologies, Inc. is a certified disadvantaged small business based in Falls Church VA, providing mobile, security, systems engineering for FedRAMP, RMF, and implementation of the Méthode Government CMS.

IT Concepts

IT Concepts Inc., a SDVOSB, is a certified Méthode system integrator based in Vienna, VA, providing information management services to government and commercial clients. ITC is a ITIL and CMMI Level 3 certified integrator, qualified for large enterprise, mission critical information technology and management solutions.

Infrastructure Partners


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