Cloud-hosted CMS: fast & light with cloud deployment

Cloud deployment frees up time and resources for both editorial and development staff by relieving them of the routine tasks associated with managing a physical installation. 

By hosting its customers’ editorial installations in its own private cloud or on public cloud platforms managed by Amazon, Google or MS Azure, EidosMedia is able to free them from many of the constraints involved in housing and maintaining physical infrastructure.

Cloud-hosted CMS: super-fast launches

The benefits of cloud deployment are felt from the beginning of the project: deployment can begin as soon as the planning phase is completed, since there is no hardware to provision. There is no risk of over or under-provisioning resources because capacity in the cloud can be added or removed at any time.

Cloud-hosted CMS: dynamic support

Cloud installations are constantly monitored and maintained by EidosMedia support staff. Updates and improvements may be carried out regularly according to a schedule agreed with the customer, optimizing the cloud-hosted CMS performance. New software releases can be introduced periodically without disrupting the normal operation of the platform, ensuring that customers benefit from the latest application features.

Discover the advantages of a cloud-hosted CMS

Cloud deployment infosheet