Mobile working

Powerful mobile workspaces give access to the workflow from any location. 

The Swing family of mobile workspaces lets users access Eidosmedia platforms from any location with a network connection and using any device from laptop to smartphone.

Swing works in a web browser – no installation is needed on the user device. Staff in remote locations carry out a full range of editorial and supervisory tasks, from creating and publishing multimedia content to task assignment and team monitoring.

Swing Mobile

Swing Mobile is a dedicated high-usability app for tablets and smartphones – it works on both iOS and Android devices.

Users author and file multimedia stories, as well as accessing central content sources and monitoring workflow.

With Swing workspaces, staff are freed from the newsroom or office. This allows distributed teams to execute coordinated editorial processes across diverse geographical locations and time zones.

Learn more about our Team workspace software for managing remote teams!

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