A CMS framework using standard technologies

Méthode is entirely based on standard technologies, reducing costs and vendor dependency for customers.


Méthode is not a closed or proprietary system. The use of standard digital technologies brings significant benefits in terms of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. These include ease of integration with existing systems and resources.

Familiar technologies and protocols allow the solution to be developed and extended by in-house staff in response to changing operational needs, reducing vendor dependence and development costs.

The high degree of configurability of every aspect of the solution, from user interface to delivery channels, makes Méthode a flexible CMS framework for the development of solutions that can evolve to keep pace with market demands and the emergence of new technologies and formats.

Integration and APIs

As well as native XML, Méthode makes use of many other standard formats and technologies like HTML5, CSS3, PDF, and Javascript.

Méthode is a high-extensibility software. It comes with a complete set of documented APIs for fast, efficient integration with other platforms, as well as external data sources and legacy systems.

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