Workflow Management System

Structured communications use templates, task assignment and access control to enable rapid, compliant creation of high-quality content.

Méthode templates are pre-formated for all output media and already contain fixed content and layout elements. This makes rapid, creation of documents for a range of different audiences, fast and accurate.

Task assignments and a shared planning space keep all team members on the same page.

Automatic access privileges ensure that, once disseminated, documents can be accessed only by the users with the necessary level of access permission.

Content Governance

There is a granular system of permissions for individuals and groups ensuring that at each stage only permitted actions can be carried out by authorized users.

Checkpoints prevent items from moving on in the workflow until a required review or validation has been performed.

Previous versions of documents and media files are recorded. The resulting ‘audit trail’ provides a clear overview of changes made and the users responsible. At any time, an item can be rolled back to a previous version to recover from erroneous editing or damage.

These mechanisms ensure that all content complies with the regulatory and procedural conditions governing its production. They significantly reduce the need for manual control and inspection.

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