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Corporate info

EidosMedia is a world leader in enterprise CMS and document management systems
for media and financial companies, in addition to headless CMS and digital delivery.


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Eidosmedia is active in the following application sectors:


EidosMedia solutions are used in some of the world’s most demanding environments - from
global news-media groups to leading financial firms and public institutions:


Eidosmedia solutions combine the following platforms and workspaces:

Case Studies

Eidosmedia solutions at work: read Méthode case studies or Cobalt case

studies and find out our customers success stories in different industries.



Eidosmedia is looking for talented people to join our team.
Become part of a growing company in a dynamic international market:

Developers area

Eidosmedia offers a broad range of documentation and API reference to kick start your developmnet trough Coblat, Swing and Prime