‘Discoverability’ - a critical new dimension for investment research

An upcoming online event organized by Eidosmedia will focus on the role of digital technology in speeding customer access to key data and insights.

Milan, Italy. March 28, 2023

“A market report may be an excellent source of ‘actionable insights’, but if an investor can’t easily locate them among the intense background noise, their value is limited,” said Massimo Barsotti, Eidosmedia CMO.

“Today’s most innovative research providers are using digital formats and channels to transform the customer from a passive consumer into an active explorer of reporting and data sets.”

Key to this process is an online rapid-access portal where customers can browse, search and filter reporting and use interactive visualizations to explore models and data.

“The portal puts the customer into the driving seat,” said Massimo. “It provides a interactive environment that they can explore and mine for significant insights in a fraction of the time needed for conventional formats like PDF.”

But how can research firms create a rich, interactive environment of this kind, without increasing their costs and resources to an unacceptable level?

By using modular reporting structures and automated editorial routines, a complete multiple-media digital reporting portfolio can be created and managed with minimal manual intervention.

“We leave analysts and editors to concentrate on their subject matter,” said Massimo. “Everything else – from disclaimers to personalized selections for special customers - is handled by the platform.”

“Our Maximize Discoverability webinar on March 30th will give participants a clear overview of the possibilities,” said Massimo. “It’s a significant step forward in adding real value to investment reporting without adding costs and we’re looking forward to showing our guests how it works.”