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At Eidosmedia we know that the talent and commitment of our people are our most valuable assets.

A fundamental part of our mission involves building their skills and fostering their engagement.

In other words, making Eidosmedia a great place to work!

Become part of a growing company in a dynamic
international market

At Eidosmedia we are specialists in digital transformation technology.

Our solutions are world leaders in the news-media and financial sectors and are increasingly adopted for corporate publishing and public-sector information services.

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What will you be doing?

To keep our position as market leaders we must constantly explore, evaluate and deploy new technologies and you’ll be part of this mission.

You’ll be working in a team of talented people who, like you, are passionate about technology and the results it can achieve.

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Talking about Eidos

Hear from our teammates sharing their experiences

“Everyone wants to work in a company with a good atmosphere, but working in an incredible place is what people should seek. Without any doubt, Eidosmedia is one of these places.”

Shayan Faghani, Application Specialist

"I love to play a significant role in our customers' digital transformation. Our API’s and AI-driven ‘create once - publish anywhere’ approach helps them deliver the entire content life cycle."

Stefanie Deistler, Senior Sales Manager

“New skills, personal growth, great interaction with colleagues. For me, working at Eidosmedia means being part of an environment that encourages the sharing of ideas to create new opportunities.”

Gerardo Gargiulo, Marketing & Presales Specialist

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Exploring the latest trends in tech and social

Targeting Gen Z

As the first generation of ‘digital natives’ comes of age, media and marketers are trying to work out how to engage with this multi-trillion dollar market. For news-media brands in particular, their habits and preferences present a challenge.

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In Search of Authenticity

Audiences are becoming more skeptical about the online representations of people and brands. But what exactly is 'authenticity' and how can it be achieved?

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What will ChatGPT do to Search?

Generative AI engines like ChatGPT are set to disrupt many areas, but one where the impact may be felt soonest is internet search. How much of a threat does generative AI pose to the business of search?

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Build your skills - training and learning plans

Staying ahead of evolving technologies is our daily challenge. To keep everyone up to speed, Eidosmedia invests extensively in the professional development of all team members, offering everyone the opportunity to learn and grow.

Through A Cloud Guru and Udemy you’ll have access to 6,000+ top courses, while The Eidosmedia Academy will help you get the most out of Eidosmedia products.

Whatever your role, you’ll find the perfect learning path for you.

Get qualified - system and partner certifications

At Eidosmedia you can sharpen your skills with role-specific training or technical skill development, earning certifications such as Red Hat Certified System Administrator, ITIL4, PMI, PMP and Agile certifications such as Professional Scrum Master, Disciplined Agile Scrum Master.

As partners of AWS and NetApp we have access to all the available training and certification paths they are offering.

Tools and resources for developers

Eidosmedia has a complete set of tools for the configuration and extension of of its platforms, including an extension of Visual Studio, combining source-code editing with powerful developer tooling. 

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From candidate to teammate: five simple steps

A rough guide to our recruitment process

1. Apply for a job

Maybe you’re interested in a specific vacancy or you want to go for a spontaneous application? Send us your CV!

 2. A short call

HR will setup a short call to get to know you and introduce Eidosmedia.

3. First interview

If you’re a good match, you’ll be invited to a first interview with HR to dive deeper into your experiences and potential.

4. Second interview

A tech interview with the line manager will help us to determine role readiness and level of expertise.

5. You've got the job!

We’ll send you a job offer with the full range of information you'll need.

The onboarding process

Becoming part of your new team

1. Pre-onboarding

In this phase, we’ll help you complete all the necessary paperwork.

2. Welcome

You’re in - welcome aboard! It’s time to share your onboarding plan.

3. Your first day

In the orientation session we’ll introduce you to your teammates and show you around.

4. Onboarding

You'll have our full support as you get familiar with our culture, our products and systems through on-the-job experience and role-specific training.

5. Follow-up

Continuous feedback is the key to success. We will set up three follow-up HR meetings during your first year in Eidosmedia - you'll find we're pretty good listeners.

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