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We are now the world leader in digital news publishing solutions.

In just over a decade EidosMedia has grown from a small (but brilliant!) software house to a global enterprise whose software drives operations at some of the world's largest media companies and financial institutions.

How have we done it? Certainly, being the first to embrace the power of emerging technologies was a factor. But more important was the quality of the people who made it happen: people with the vision to see what was possible and the talent to make it a reality. It was a big challenge - and the challenge continues.

Today's challenge

Digital media publishing is one of the fastest-moving sectors on the planet. Every year brings new channels and formats that consumers can use to access the content they need.

Our software is mission-critical to our customers' operations because it allows them to stay ahead of these developments. To keep our position as market leader we must constantly explore, evaluate and deploy new technologies.

To meet this challenge, we know that the quality of our people is fundamental to our success.

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EidosMedia's offices are pleasant places to work. Our headquarters in Milan is located in a new business park in the north of the city close to the metro and other public transport. The park includes a well-equipped fitness center and swimming pool where EidosMedia staff enjoy special rates.

Around the world, from New York to Sydney, Paris to Shanghai, EidosMedia’s offices are located in attractive areas close to the centers of business capitals with well-designed working and meeting spaces and global connectivity.


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