Eidosmedia Academy empowers customers and partners

The Academy offers a worldwide training programme for all users and developers of Eidosmedia digital publishing solutions.

“Training is an important part of helping customers get the most out of their investment in an Eidosmedia platform,” said Kate Lipmann, head of Eidosmedia Academy. “The Academy delivers this training in an increasing variety of methods with content to suit your needs.”

Now completing its first year of operations, the Eidosmedia Academy offers a complete range of course options for customers and partners. The courses cover the full range of Eidosmedia products, including the increasingly popular Cobalt platform and the Swing family of mobile interfaces. They encompass all levels from basic administration to advanced development techniques.

“Our customer base is worldwide,” said Kate, “so we’ve developed a number of delivery modes to suit the needs of each learner group. They range from instructor-led hands-on sessions to courses held entirely online, as well as customized programs tailored to specific project needs.”

In its first year the Academy has held courses in multiple locations in Europe and North America. Reception has been positive with participants particularly enjoying the opportunity to engage at a practical level with the hands-on activities that feature as a large proportion of the courses.

“We’re still learning, but we’ve been highly encouraged by the feedback from the courses held over the last few months,” said Kate. “There’s a substantial body of research that shows high correlations between investment in training and staff performance, productivity and motivation.”

“One of our strategic aims is to make our customers stronger and more independent, thus reducing the total cost of ownership of our platform.,” said Christian Pelanconi, CEO. “The training that the Academy provides plays an important part in this process.”

“By investing in good training, our customers get the most out of the platform and raise their employees’ knowledge, engagement and job satisfaction – and it’s certainly true that no-one can ever be over-trained!”

Academy courses can be arranged through the Eidosmedia Academy portal or by contacting the local Eidosmedia office.