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Eidosmedia partners with Amenity to add powerful ML capabilities

The integration of text analytics tools developed by Amenity Analytics adds value and productivity to the creation and publication of investment research.

Milan, Italy. February 28, 2022

Embedded AI technology, based on recent advances in machine learning and deep neural networks, is currently a major driver of innovation in Content Services Platforms.

“The strategic partnership with Amenity will enable our customers to add significant value to their investment research by leveraging a market-leading AI and NLP toolset integrated within an analyst’s content creation workspace,” said Virendra Naykude, Eidosmedia Inc. General Manager. “The agreement forms part of our ‘partnership ecosystem’ approach to extending our platform’s capabilities by integrating best-of-breed applications in areas from text analytics to business metrics, audio/video integration and advanced CRM.”

Amenity’s text analytics applications automate operations such as tagging entities and themes present in the text, enhancing its usability. They also provide support services for human reviewers, such as flagging over-used words, ‘hedging’ expressions and lack of forward-looking language. Other modules assist analysts to arrive at ‘actionable insights’ by evaluating claims contained in published reporting in areas such as ESG.

“Amenity’s analytics capabilities are an excellent fit with our core content creation, management and publishing functions,” said Virendra. “The agreement will allow us to offer a seamless and unified user experience through full integration with our platform. Analysts, Supervisors and compliance teams can access and apply them through dedicated panels inside their editorial workspace.”

Nathaniel Storch, Amenity Co-Founder and CEO said, “With Eidosmedia’s expertise in content platforms and Amenity's expertise in natural language processing and AI, this partnership is a natural fit. Our industry-leading solutions will now be seamlessly delivered directly to Eidos customers, driving a powerful user experience and decreasing our time to value.”

Eidosmedia platforms are used by global investment banks, rating agencies and independent research firms to create and publish investment research in a broad range of formats and channels from traditional PDF documents and web portals to mobile apps and API-driven ‘Research as a Service’ modes.

A growing number of AI and ML-driven tools and services are available to add value to investment research operations. Eidosmedia’s ‘partner ecosystem’ is being developed to make the integration of the most promising of these applications fast and simple.

“We are delighted to have Amenity Analytics join us in this new initiative,” said Virendra, “We look forward to working together to help maximize our customers’ productivity and the monetization of their content.”