Eidosmedia is AWS ‘Advanced Partner’ for cloud deployment

After four years of collaboration on cloud-based digital publishing solutions with Amazon Web Services, Eidosmedia has obtained ‘Advanced Partner’ status within the Amazon Partner Network.

“The partnership with AWS has allowed us to develop some excellent cloud-based solutions for our customers,” said Giovanni Camarda, Eidosmedia Technology & Cloud Strategy Adviser. “This latest recognition will allow us to add even more value to these solutions in the future.”

Cloud installations of Eidosmedia platforms are currently being used by customers in north and south America and in Asia. They range from the hosting of Web servers to transform online delivery in Brazil to the creation of a complete cloud-based editorial platform for the Cox Media Group in the USA.

“There’s hardly a phase of the project where cloud deployment doesn’t deliver significant benefits,” said Giovanni. “As soon as planning is complete the project can be launched immediately because there’s no need to provision hardware. And there’s no risk of over or under-provisioning server resources because cloud capacity can be added or removed as required.”

“When it comes to support, cloud deployment allows us to provide continuous updates and improvements to the platform, without the customer having to be involved,” said Giovanni. “Also, at regular intervals we upgrade the whole installation to the latest releases, so that users get the benefit of new platform features without having to go through the business of upgrading their local installations.”

“Cloud hosting also offers extensive security benefits,” Giovanni continued. “All data are encrypted using keys that only Eidosmedia and the customer have access to. In addition, the stringent security standards that AWS installations have to comply with mean that our customers’ data are safer in their facilities than they could ever be in a local environment.”

“Our customers’ experience with AWS-based installations has been extremely positive,” said Ismail Gazarin, Eidosmedia CIO. “Apart from the enhanced flexibility and performance it provides, it’s allowed these organizations to spend less time and energy on the day-to-day management of technical resources. Instead they can focus it on their core priorities which are adding value to their content and innovating their delivery channels.”

Recognition as an ‘advanced partner’ within the AWS partner network requires extensive know-how in optimizing application architecture for the cloud environment and proven capacity to work successfully with AWS during the planning and implementation of global projects. As an advanced partner Eidosmedia will have access to additional AWS support and resources that will allow it to develop even more effective cloud-based solutions in the future.