Eidosmedia opens in China

With new offices in Shanghai, Eidosmedia moves closer to existing and future users of its advanced digital publishing platforms in China and East Asia.

Eidosmedia, developers of advanced digital publishing solutions for the media and financial sectors, have announced the creation of a subsidiary in China to serve customers in East Asian markets. The subsidiary is a joint venture with Smart Team Global’s (STG) consultancy in China and the new operation will be headed up by Vivian Xu, formerly managing STG.

Eidosmedia has been active in China for some time. China Daily , China’s only national English-language title, has recently completed a convergent newsroom solution based upon Eidosmedia’s Méthode platform, covering every aspect of its multiple-channel, multi-edition operations. Méthode is also used by the Chinese government to manage its official English-language portal english.gov.cn

“The news-media sector in China has enormous growth potential,” said Vivian Xu, general manager of Eidosmedia’s Shanghai subsidiary. “But to grasp that opportunity, news providers must combine multi-channel, multi-device capabilities with high productivity. Eidosmedia’s digital solutions are the key to unlocking this potential.”

Eidosmedia’s move into the Asian market has required the inclusion of support for non-Latin alphabets (see Alphabet Challenge). Chinese characters, both traditional and simplified, are well supported by the Méthode platform at all levels from wire-search to text entry, page design and social media management. Méthode’s use of standard technologies allows interoperability with the best of existing protocols, such as the Sogou Pinyin method for inputing Chinese characters from a standard keyboard.

“We are delighted to have Vivian leading our activities in China,” said Gabriella Franzini, Eidosmedia CEO. “After a great start with  China Daily , we are looking forward to bringing the benefits of advanced digital content delivery to China’s many news-media and financial organizations.”

A variant of the Eidosmedia logo has been created for the Chinese market, incorporating the characters for ‘Italian’, ‘peak’ and ‘technology’ - 意巅科技 - reflecting the company’s origins and values.