“Speeding Innovation” maps out the future of investment research technology

Eidosmedia’s online conference for the financial services sector highlighted the integration of ’embedded intelligence’ into its content creation and delivery platform.

Milan, Italy. November 10, 2021

“Currently the fastest route to improve time-to-value in digital publishing is to make use of the many innovative tools available as platform extensions,“ said Eidosmedia CMO, Massimo Barsotti. “The meeting was an opportunity to show our guests exactly how this kind of ‘embedded intelligence‘ can work for them.”

The theme of last week’s event - Speeding Innovation - was amply illustrated in a series of presentations ranging from visions of the future of investment research to hands-on demos of the best investment research tools and the developers’ framework allowing their easy integration with the platform.

“We aim to integrate best-in-class applications in areas outside our core competence of content creation and management,” said Eidosmedia CPO, Zarko Panic. “The kind of functionality we can add in this way ranges from AI-driven text analytics to business metrics, audio/video integration and advanced CRM.”

To optimize the integration of these tools and services, Eidosmedia is working with the creators of the most promising platform extensions. Two of these partners were present at the conference to demonstrate their value-adding products.

Amenity Analytics applies machine learning to automate processes that add significant value but normally require extensive manual intervention. They range from routine tasks like locating and tagging entities and themes present in the text to sophisticated quality control. ML routines can identify overused words, ‘hedging’ expressions, lack of forward-looking language, etc. in the same way as a human reviewer but in a fraction of the time. Other modules will allow analysts to assess the authenticity of environmental, social and governance claims in the huge volume of ESG communications currently flooding the market.

Singletrack is a specialist CRM application for the financial services sector. Singletrack optimizes client engagement for research firms by using intelligent routines to combine multiple sources of data on customer preferences, habits and behavior. Combined with Eidosmedia’s structured authoring and personalization capabilities, it allows organizations to deliver precisely tailored customer offerings.

A key principle in Eidosmedia’s ‘extension ecosystem’ is that integration of the innovative apps should be fast and simple so that users can quickly explore and evaluate the applications available. The meeting included a demonstration of the new VSIDE developer’s environment to integrate third-party tools and services. It showed how, in just a few minutes, a text analytics app like Amenity can be installed and working, complete with a dedicated dashboard inside the authoring workspace.

“We’re very excited by the opportunities these new integrations and partnerships give us to add value and productivity to our customers’ operations, “ said Massimo Barsotti. “The meeting gave us a clear view of what’s already possible, as well as an indication of their future potential.”

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