Swiss dailies move to common Méthode platform

The BZ Berner Zeitung has moved its production to Eidosmedia’s Méthode digital publishing platform as a first step in the roll-out of Tamedia’s other Swiss titles.

Serving the city of Berne and the surrounding region, the BZ Berner Zeitung is one of Switzerland’s leading daily newspapers. It is published by the Swiss media group Tamedia in five regional print editions, as well as providing shared pages for other titles in Tamedia’s Swiss portfolio and for external partners. Tamedia has now moved the production of this daily newspaper family and its content archives to Eidosmedia’s publishing platform, Méthode.

Tamedia has already been using Méthode for several years to produce the print editions of its French-language newspapers and magazines. The Berne daily is the first of Tamedia’s German-language titles to be transferred to the new platform.

“This is the first step in a process that will bring the Berner Zeitung and the Tamedia titles the Berner Zeitung is collaborating with onto a common production platform and central archive,” said Peter Jost, Berner Zeitung editor-in-chief. “We expect to facilitate exchanges and collaboration between the titles, especially in the area of content-sharing, because our titles already share common pages of national and international news.”

Tamedia publishes nearly a dozen German-language titles in Switzerland, ranging from dailies like the BZ Berner Zeitung and Zürichsee-Zeitung to local advertising and listings papers. Méthode’s powerful edition-management functions will introduce substantial flexibility into the sharing of content between these titles and the creation of local variations. Méthode will also feed content to the online editions, currently handled using an in-house system, as well as to the e-paper platform.

“Tamedia has a rich portfolio, carefully focused on the communities it serves, from regional to local level,” said Holger Hofmann, managing director of Eidosmedia GmbH. “The move to Méthode will make the management of this complex operation easier and more productive.”

The new installation serves 200 users located in the Berne newsroom and local offices throughout the region. The next step of the roll-out plans to bring another 160 users onto Méthode.