Testing as a Service cuts time and risk for Eidosmedia platform customization

Users of Eidosmedia’s content creation and delivery platforms can now use a new service that will make the development of tailored solutions more efficient and more secure.

“Some of our larger customers are increasingly using our platforms as a basis for fully customized content creation and delivery solutions,” said Cristiano Meda, Eidosmedia’s senior vice president of Engineering. “That gives them great flexibility, but also involves investing time and resources in testing activities. They need to be sure that the customized solution will deliver an adequate level of resilience and performance in a production environment.”

“The TaaS (Testing as a Service) solution we’ve developed makes this process faster, more reliable and cost effective.”

Eidosmedia platforms are used for structured content authoring and management in several areas, including news media, financial publishing and the public sector. Their modular nature allows users to personalize their solution, as well as integrate a wide range of alternative components (including open-source), but the resultant installations have to be tested. In the past customers have either performed this testing themselves or turned to an external provider of testing services.

“Our testing services have several advantages with respect to in-house or third-party approaches,” said Cristiano. “As originators of the core software, we have considerable experience of the various components, including those still in the development pipeline. This means we can deliver more complete results and earlier in the development cycle, significantly cutting time-to-deployment for the customer.”

Testing is carried out using an environment provided by the customer or a replica of the customer’s production environment created according to detailed specifications.

The service covers a full range of test techniques from regression, integration and compatibility to exploratory testing and the more advanced software mutation testing.

“We use a mixture of automatic and manual approaches using best-of-breed automation technologies combined with mature software processes and practices,” said Cristiano. “We also cover a number of deployment modes, including containerization and cloud hosting.”

Test activities are continuously monitored and at any time during the test cycle a report can be issued and the results shared with the customer.

“The flexibility of Eidosmedia platforms give customers the freedom to tailor authoring solutions that are closely aligned with their business needs,” said Cristiano. ” Our testing service will now make that process faster and more secure.”