development February 18, 2021

Our partnership with A Cloud Guru: staying ahead of cloud technology

Eidosmedia’s partnership with A Cloud Guru (formerly Linux Academy) has been crucial to ensuring the entire team of both new and existing employees is up to speed with evolving cloud technologies.

By Valeria Benassi

A Cloud Guru Linux Academy

A Cloud Guru partner with Eidosmedia

To better retain existing workers and attract new tech talent, Eidosmedia began investing in cloud skills development with A Cloud Guru in 2019.

The move both served to further modernize the organization and show employees (current and future) that the company values professional development — a prudent move given that 94% of employees (2019 Engagement Survey results) say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in skills development.

Getting certified

Many of those in the company’s deployment teams have followed ACG courses and obtained certification in areas such as GNU/Linux RedHat and AWS cloud specialties. One of the most appreciated features of the training is the ‘playground’ where trainees can try out new tools and resources in realistic environments.

A Cloud Guru also has resources for skills assessment - useful for mapping existing competences and identifying potential gaps which can be filled with the training available on the platform.

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