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On December 28, 2020, the Italian tax authorities released some much-awaited guidelines on the special tax rules applicable to workers moving to Italy and becoming Italian tax residents.

Under these rules, any employed or self-employed worker who is a E.U. citizen or a citizen of a country with which Italy has a tax or information exchange treaty in force and transfers his/her tax residence to Italy, can access the special tax regime if he/she

(i) has not been resident in Italy in the 2 preceding tax years,

(ii) maintains an Italian tax residence for no less than 2 tax years following the move, and

(iii) will work mostly in Italy (i.e. for more than 183 days in each tax period).

Such individuals currently enjoy a 70% personal income tax exemption on any employment, self-employment or business income earned during the five-year period including the year of the transfer and the following four.


Many of our recent recruits have taken advantage of the new tax scheme and we can help you with obtaining these benefits.

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