Some content is critical

Much of the information circulating on and offline is undifferentiated and of low importance.

But some of it is critical: financial reporting, technical documentation, regulations and policies, research and consultancy – the list goes on.

If your organization has to create and deliver this kind of critical content, you know that it’s a challenge. Keeping it up to date and delivered on time is a complex operation.


Beyond conventional enterprise document management systems

Conventional office apps don’t help a lot. They’re one-user, one-format applications - fine for producing solo documents in a single format.

But if your workflow involves multiple authors and reviewers and distribution in multiple formats, you may soon find that these applications are working against you, creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Work smarter

Fortunately there’s an alternative - smart working:


Intelligent workspaces focus teamwork on high-productivity parallel workflows.

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Smart automation eliminates routine tasks and cuts processing times.

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Shared planning spaces keep everyone on the same page and allow progress to be monitored at a glance.

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Who’s using Eidosmedia solutions?

Eidosmedia enterprise CMS platforms have transformed the operations of organizations in areas from global banking and media to logistics and the US public sector.


What’s different?

Standard working Smart working
Planning and coordinating
Planning and coordinating Teamwork involves messaging and phoning. Monitoring of progress, ditto. Team members work in a shared planning space and receive tasks and materials automatically. Progress is visible in real time.
Serial vs. parallel working
Serial vs. parallel working Multi-user editing clumsy and unpredictable. Several users can work on the same componentized document - cutting time-to-delivery
Reusing materials
Reusing materials Involves cutting and pasting and duplicate copies – problems of aligning versions. New documents can re-use parts of existing documents. Every component is aligned and up-to-date
Inserting images and other media
Inserting images and other media Media needs tweaking to fit formats. Media reformats automatically in every location and output channel.
Multichannel delivery
Multichannel delivery Multiple output destinations mean manual repurposing All documents are multi-channel ready from initial creation and publish with one click

Case studies - enterprise CMS platforms for critical content handling

From logistics to investment research and financial reporting, some examples of the power of digital technologies to combine precision with productivity.

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