Beyond complexity

Not all technology provides solutions.

If your organization has to create and deliver critical content, you probably know that many ‘solutions’ don’t help.

Standard office software and legacy systems, for example, when pushed beyond their comfort zone, just create complexity.

Complexity that impacts your operation’s performance in almost every area from productivity and quality assurance to compliance and data security.

“…beyond complexity to new levels of focus and efficiency.”

The right technology

At Eidosmedia we know about this. We use advanced digital technology to move our customers' operations beyond complexity to new levels of focus and efficiency.

In sectors from media and banking to logistics and energy, our customers are using our enterprise CMS platforms to transform their organizations into secure, high-productivity, digital workplaces.

Tight integration

Eidosmedia platforms combine the functions of several application types from business process management (BPM) to content services (CSP), digital asset management (DAM) and digital publishing (WCM).

Tight integration means secure, smooth teamwork - even between staff across multiple locations.

Intelligent automation simplifies the workflow orchestration, allowing your operations to reach new levels of productivity and precision.

Could you use an Eidosmedia solution?

Have a look at the points below. If you can check half the boxes or more, your operation could use an Eidosmedia corporate content management solution.

Your content has high value for your audience

Whether it’s market intelligence, corporate communications, consulting or technical materials - your content has high intrinsic value for those who use it.

Your content must satisfy strict requirements

The material you distribute must satisfy high standards of quality and/or regulatory compliance.

It may also be confidential.

Your content is the product of careful teamwork

Several people are involved in creating, reviewing and approval before final release.

You need to improve productivity

You are required to produce more and produce it more quickly, without growing your resource base.

You need to improve collaboration

Your operation has become complex and difficult to coordinate using standard office applications.

You need to improve security

Your operation is vulnerable to attack through the weak points in standard office applications.

You have to serve multiple audiences

Your final product must be available in different formats and versions for different groups of recipients.

You need flexibility in delivery channels

You want to update your delivery formats easily to keep up with changing technology and audience expectations.

Your teams work across multiple locations

Your staff are located in multiple offices or in full remote working mode.

Three routes to simplification

Making your operations leaner and more efficient means applying three basic principles: Automation, Orchestration and Integration.

Automation and AI

Simplifying production by eliminating
routine tasks.

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Simplifying teamwork by keeping
everyone on the same page.

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Simplifying the workspace with
integrated apps and extensions.

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Don’t get locked in!

Audiences are evolving, technology is evolving. Organizations need to keep up. Getting locked in to old technology is never a good idea.

And yet, trying to stay ahead by assembling a collection of the latest network apps often proves expensive and fruitless: the effort required to maintain and update such assemblies soon becomes unsustainable.

Future-proofing delivery

Flexibility is particularly important on the delivery side of the operation, where change is most rapid.

Eidosmedia’s advanced delivery module - known as Cobalt - is capable of tailoring output automatically to any channel or device from conventional web pages to mobile apps, social media streams and any digital format, present or future.

New formats and products can be added rapidly to the output, while leaving the editorial processes undisturbed.

The hub approach

This is where the Eidosmedia ‘hub’ approach offers big advantages. It provides a robust central platform to which innovative applications and tools (including open-source) can be ‘plugged-in’, keeping the solution up to date with audience preferences and technology.

At the same time, the integration between the hub and the external modules is fully optimized and - in the case of cloud installations - constantly updated.

The result? Your operations are maintained at the forefront of technological developments, while benefiting from the continuity and security of a managed enterprise CMS platform.


Stay safe!

The recent increase in malicious attacks and data breaches across the private and public sectors has revealed the vulnerability of conventional corporate IT environments.

Unified platform security

Eidosmedia enterprise CMS platforms are particularly resistant to such attacks as they have been developed as mission-critical resources in the news-media and financial sectors. Their ‘unified platform’ architecture is far easier to secure than the usual collections of standard office applications.


Advanced access control

A sophisticated system of metadata-driven access controls allows even the most confidential material to be worked on safely within the secure confines of the platform workflow.

Beyond email

The use of email is by far the most vulnerable point in an organization’s IT environment. In Eidosmedia enterprise CMS platforms its use is made unnecessary by a rich collection of collaborative tools from in-platform messaging to task assignment and integrated chat functions.


ISO 27001 and DoD certification

Eidosmedia products have recently received certification to ISO 27001 standards and their cloud operations have received ISO/IEC 27017 certification. They are also compliant with the Risk Management Framework for the NIPR and SIPR networks of the United States Department of Defense.


Who’s using Eidosmedia critical-content solutions?

Eidosmedia enterprise CMS platforms have transformed the operations of organizations in areas from global banking and media to logistics, energy and the US public sector.

Retail network coordination - Deutsche Post / DHL

In its home market of Germany Deutsche Post delivers postal and banking services through a network of 15,000 post office 'corners' in partner retail premises.

The headquarters in Bonn uses an Eidosmedia enterprise CMS platform to deliver a range of content from magazines and bulletins to online training courses and manuals.

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Financial reporting with Méthode

Financial reporting with Méthode

A global ratings agency uses a staff of 1700 analysts and coordinators located in 19 different countries to produce around 4000 items of financial research each month.

Reports are distributed in digital formats via the organization’s websites and mobile apps, as well as in PDF format for printing , mailing and download.

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