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The Eidosmedia ecosystem

Eidosmedia platforms handle the creation and delivery of your content from the latest voice-interactive and social media formats to traditional products like printed newspapers and magazines.

Eidosmedia solutions combine the following platforms and workspaces:



Create and publish from
print to digital.


Decoupled CMS examples for digital delivery,
open-source compatible.



Advanced page design and
edition management.


Work on your mobile device - from
laptop to smartphone.

Méthode - Digital CMS for editorial workflow management

Méthode is the world’s most evolved CMS editorial workflow and publishing platform.

Méthode gives you complete control of the content management process from initial planning and workflow coordination to final publication.

Automation of many routine processes, together with checks and validations, lets you combine high productivity with rigorous quality control.

In addition to the news-media sector, Méthode is also used for investment and financial reporting by many institutions in the financial sector.

Cobalt - decoupled CMS

You can use Eidosmedia’s latest platform, known as Cobalt, to feed a complete range of digital channels: websites, mobile and tablet apps, social media feeds, blogging, interactive voice – including future digital formats that have not yet been invented.

Cobalt is a ‘decoupled’ CMS for newspaper – content from the back-end editorial processes is exposed in channel-neutral JSON format via a complete range of standard RESTful APIs. These interface with the delivery modules – native or open-source – which transform the content into digital products.

You can constantly update the delivery modules to keep up with technological developments or consumer tastes. At the same time, your core platform components and editorial processes remain undisturbed.

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Remote working with Swing

The Swing family of mobile workspaces frees your staff from the newsroom or office. This allows you to create distributed teams to execute coordinated editorial processes across diverse geographical locations and time zones.


Swing works in a web browser – no installation is needed on the user device. Your staff in remote locations carry out a full range of editorial and supervisory tasks, from creating and publishing media-rich content to task assignment and team monitoring.

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Swing Mobile

Swing Mobile is a dedicated high-usability app for tablets and smartphones – it works on both iOS and Android devices.
Users author and file media-rich stories, as well as accessing central content sources and monitoring workflow.

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Swing Live

Live bloggers post text and multimedia content directly into an online news stream, using any mobile device from laptop to smartphoneAs well as individual blogging, Swing Live also supports coverage by teams of live bloggers, coordinated by a moderator.

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Complex page and edition design - Prime

If your portfolio includes print formats, Prime is the ideal integrated print-to-digital workspace. Prime’s functions cover every stage of the content creation and delivery process, with particular strengths in the production of complex print products, from newspapers and magazines to reports and technical documentation.

With Prime’s advanced page design and layout functions you can get results rivalling those of a dedicated graphic design application. You can use its edition-planning space to handle multiple print editions and advertising placement.

The complete integration between print and digital workflows makes Prime a highly efficient tool for managing mixed print/digital product portfolios.

Platform values


Eidosmedia platforms free your staff up to add more value to their content by completely automating many routine content-handling tasks that consume time and resources in conventional solutions.

Examples range from the automatic generation of formats when an image enters the workflow to one-click publishing to multiple channels at the end of the process.


You can be sure that your published content complies with all QA and regulatory conditions, thanks to a granular system of permissions and checkpoints. At each stage of the process only authorized users may carry out permitted actions.
These checks and controls are highly automated, giving you high standards of quality and compliance without intensive manual inspection – allowing you to overcome the usual trade-off between speed of delivery and product quality.

Zero footprint

You can eliminate all on-premise installation requirements by combining the cloud hosting of server functions with the Swing mobile workspace.

By using a ‘zero-footprint’ solution like this, you can enjoy the rich functionality of an advanced editorial platform entirely without hardware or maintenance commitments.

Cloud deployment

By hosting your editorial installations on a public cloud or on our own private cloud platform, Eidosmedia can free you from many of the constraints involved in housing and maintaining physical infrastructure.

Eidosmedia platforms use service-oriented architecture, optimized for cloud deployment.

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Standard technologies

Eidosmedia platforms use standard technologies. From established protocols like XML and CSS to more recent developments like JSON and PostgreSQL, Eidosmedia maintains its platforms at the forefront of digital content management by applying best-of-breed technologies. Eidosmedia platforms can be developed and maintained by staff with widely available skillsets, significantly reducing cost-of-ownership and vendor dependence.

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