Le Télégramme – integrated multi-edition news operation

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A leading provincial daily in France brings together its print and digital operations using Eidosmedia’s publishing platform.


Based in Brittany in the extreme west of France, Le Télégramme serves a wide community of readers with a daily newspaper, a web edition and mobile and tablet apps, in addition to two local TV stations.

… a single digital workflow accessible from the central newsroom and offices throughout the region

The challenge

The print newspaper is produced in 19 different editions each day, varying both in editorial and advertising content. Common content and local variations are created in both the central newsroom in Morlaix and in local offices throughout the area. An extensive network of local correspondents contribute to the daily and these must be integrated into the digital newsroom workflow.

The solution

The new platform allows all of Le Télégramme’s print editions and online products to be generated from a single digital workflow accessible from the central newsroom and offices throughout the region. Journalists outside the newsroom use Swing mobile apps to create and file multimedia news articles from any location with a network connection.

Local editions are created and managed using the platform’s powerful multi-edition management space, accessible from all editorial locations and trackable using Swing mobile apps from outside the newsroom (see details of Swing mobile publishing platform.)


The integrated management of print and digital content has brought significant gains in efficiency and productivity. The multi-edition management space, accessible from all locations, gives high visibility and efficiency to the process of creating local variants in both editorial and advertising. The use of the Swing mobile app family frees journalists and editors from the newsroom, to create and monitor news coverage from any location.

The Swing apps also allow external contributors to be given controlled access to the CMS editorial workflow for a more efficient collaboration than the usual exchange of emails.

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