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A European sports federation is using a cloud-hosted CMS based on Eidosmedia’s Cobalt publishing platform to deliver multilingual news and media online.


The federation delivers its online content through a multilingual portal carrying a constantly updated stream of news, fixtures, results and statistics associated with the many international and national competitions that the organization manages each year.

The challenge

The sports federation has a complex audience of fans and other stakeholders who must be served with personalized news and media in seven different languages from English to Portuguese.

During live broadcasts of federation events, such as championship draws, audiences can build to values of over 100 million visitors in the space of a few seconds. The web server infrastructure must cope with these traffic peaks.

The Solution

The solution is based on Cobalt, EidosMedia’s innovative content publishing system. Authors and editors access the workflow using Swing – a mobile workspace that works on any device at any location through a network connection. The multilingual platform makes intensive use of the platform’s multi-edition functions. Each story, while incorporating the seven language versions of the text, is managed as a single editorial object for workflow and archiving purposes, greatly simplifying the editing and publication process. The editing workspace offers coordinated side-by-side text display to facilitate the multi-lingual story production.

The Outcomes

Eidosmedia's news portal CMS, with its multilingual editing environment, has greatly simplified the editorial operation, increasing both the productivity and quality of the process. At the same time, staff are able to work from any location using the Swing mobile user apps.

The cloud hosting of the solution together with the use of Swing, has created a ‘zero-footprint’ solution that eliminates the need to install and maintain physical infrastructure on the organization’s premises.

The cloud resources scale automatically during high traffic peaks, adding capacity that is later shed when traffic returns to normal levels.

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