February 2021 - Product Updates - Cobalt

DSL* and CQL* queries support nested fields

Content searches can now combine different fields of a metadata array, resulting in more efficient display of content on website pages.

*Domain Specific Language, Cobalt Query Language.

Version 3.2021.02

Full-text search in HTML documents

This extends the search capabilities to include HTML content for customers using HTML as a content type.

Version 3.2021.02

Improved PSN* for embargoed content

PSN now manages scheduled publication and retirement of website content. Includes notification of downstream systems about embargoed content.

*Publication Service Notifier

Version 3.2021.02

Time zone configurability for permalinks

The time zone used for permalink generation can be set or overridden at the Section level with a key/value attribute in Cobalt Admin.

Version 3.2021.01

Correct image centring using focal point

Published images are centred correctly using assigned focal point and cropping parameters.

Version 3.2021.01