January 2021 - Product Updates - Prime

Mixed Column Layout Extensions

Users can now ‘pin’ charts and tables to the top or bottom of columns so that they remain fixed while text and other content flows around them. This allows analysts to create professionally laid out pages with the click of a button.

Versions 7.2021.01 & 8.2021.01

Proxy Support

Prime 8 now supports proxy configuration for enhanced security.

Version 8.2021.0

Bulk Metadata Upload

Users can now update the metadata of multiple assets (e.g. images) in a single action both during upload and within the explorer workspace. This is a productivity feature with cost-saving asset-management benefits. Also available in the Swing workspace.

Version 8.2021.0

Updated Support for Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Prime 8 now has the necessary plugins for interoperability with Illustrator CC 2017 & Photoshop 2019

Version 8.2021.0