January 2021 - Product Updates - Swing

Bulk Metadata Upload

Users can now update the metadata of multiple assets (e.g. images) in a single action both during upload and within the explorer workspace. This is a productivity feature with cost-saving asset-management benefits. Also available in the Prime workspace.

Versions 5.2021.01

Create a report from the Topic Editor

Enables financial research institutions to implement Pipeline Planning directly in the editorial system.

Version 5.2021.01

New shape/object v3 API - faster print image rendering

This new API significantly improves performance when opening stories in Swing containing images linked to print page shapes.

Version 5.2021.01

Improved Table Editing

The Table function tab is automatically selected when the cursor is located within a table and the Tab and arrow keys can be used to navigate within the table.

Version 5.2021.11/5.2021.01

Edition selection in report preview panel

When viewing the Print Preview of a report, users can select the specific edition to display from a dropdown menu. This allows the fast review of report formats needed for efficient white-labelling operations.

Version 8.2021.01