July 2022 - Product Updates - Swing

New Picture Desk Lite

A new user interface has been released for Picture Desk Light in Swing. This development covers a range of feature requests from various customers. A filmstrip view, improved multi-crop management, a larger work area and the possibility to view the original image are all included. Incrementally new functionality will be added to this tool in a single context for working with images in Swing.

Version 5.2022.07

Report functions available in sidebar shortcuts

When working with reports and having the side bar open, now all the functions (including the "Update Refence" are immediately available on a toolbar. When closing, the sidebar, the contextual menu will be shown and by clicking on the three dots, all the available options will be displayed.

Vers ion 5.202 2.07

The "Upload and Continue" feature is available in the Story editor context

Now when working with Swing Offline, after you have checked out a story, the "Upload story and continue" function is available in the story editor context (on the Home tab), this way you can upload the story several times without having to go online and without having to switch to the "Upload Dashboard".

Version 5.2022.07

WebDav Support for Excel, PowerPoint and Word

After importing Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, you can now edit them into their native application. Simply call the "Edit" function and the document will be opened in Word, Excel or PowerPoint accordingly so that you can modify and save the document.

Version 5.2022.07