November 2022 - Product Updates - Swing

“Accept All” and “Reject All” changes using Version Tracking in a Report Editor

New options have been added to accept or reject all changes in one go when using the "Version Tracking" feature in both the story editor and report editor contexts.

In the story editor context the buttons "Accept all changes" and "Reject all changes" are now available.

In the report editor context the buttons "Accept section" and "Reject section" are available on the top toolbar allowing you to accept/reject all changes of the currently selected story in the report while the buttons "Accept all sections" and "Reject all sections" are now available in the sidebar, allowing all changes to be applied to the whole report in one go.

Version 5.2022.11

Single "Notifier Down" message shown per dashboard

In case the Events Handler (aka Notifier) goes down, previously a snackbar message was shown on each widget of a dashboard; now only a single message is shown per dashboard:

Version 5.2022.11