September 2022 - Product Updates - Integrations

Méthode Editorial API (EDAPI)

This release includes improved performance, new endpoints, new features like the triggering of Méthode Migration Server through Drag&Drop from Candidate Browser to Swing Report Editor and bug fixes.

Version: 6.2022.09

Méthode Server

This release includes the Key Rotation feature. This feature, which enhances the Application Level Encryption (ALE), allows documents to be moved from one key to a new one.

It includes the latest version of the Search Engine and the Shell.

Version: 7.1

Plan Import

This release includes new features related to integration. It introduces the autolinking of editorial contents for pictures and story content and bug fixes.

Version: 5.1.0


This release includes the bulk upload enhancement, improving performance, and bug fixes.

Version: 1.4.0