September 2022 - Product Updates - Swing

Picture Desk Improvements - Collage Feature

The “collage” feature has now been completely redesigned with a new interface as a context of the new Picture Desk. Incrementally new functionality will be added to this tool in a single context for working with images in Swing.

Version 5.2022.09

Inline Spelling Checker

A new inline spell checker using state-of-the-art React popups, via a NodeJS service that takes advantage of the “Shadow Dom” technique to underline spelling mistakes, giving the user a popup which allows them to change the word from a list, manually correct the word, add the word to the dictionary, ignore the word etc. All of the currently supported Swing Spell Checkers work with this functionality, and the “Risky Words” feature is also available with Proximity 11.

Version 5.2022.09