Edit. Test. Deploy

Work on any platform,
code for any platform

Develop your extensions for the Eidosmedia platform from Visual Studio Code.

Choose your plan.

Your side companion.

VSIDE is an extension of Visual Studio, combining the simplicity of a source code editor with powerful developer tooling, like IntelliSense code completion and debugging.

VSIDE will help with the Preview and test of your React-based, cross-platform panels for both Swing and Prime as well as with Github integrated testing and deploy. So you can focus on pure coding.

Raw power.

View and edit EomDB objects and configuration files, all in native XML format, while leveraging Visual Studio Code features like syntax highlighting and embedded Git.

You can also easily import/export configuration file, via API or directly from IDE.


Fast development.

With VSIDE, Panel Development for Swing and Prime becomes rapid and streamlined, because you write it once leveraging shared NodeJS framework, and then build your UI thanks to the Integration with the Eidosmedia UI library. Nothing can stop you, not even the lack of an internet connection - Offline mode has your back!


Integrated testing

All major testing libraries are supported natively, while you have also access to specific functional and performance tests for panel development. Everything runs on EDAPI V6, and it’s CORBa-free.

Lightweight Web IDE

Based on Visual Studio Code, the most popular development environment, the Eidosmedia IDE is free and runs from everywhere, offering plenty of extension through npm, leveraging NodeJS and TypeScript.

Evolving Eclipse

Compared to the Eidosmedia Eclipse plugin, VSIDE represents a natural step forward when working with Eidosmedia platforms, offering new features such as Browsing Special Objects, View Permissions, Format Preview and so on.

Download VSIDE extension

Work on any platform, code for any platform

Develop your extensions for the Eidosmedia platform from Visual Studio Code.

BASIC (free)

The basic version includes VSIDE, limited to these

Usage of VSIDE for the configuration of multiple EOMDB repositories

Opening and editing of configuration files from configured repositories


PREMIUM (free)

The advanced version is subject to license
or subscription, and includes:

all Basic functionalities, plus:

  • Import and export serialized EOMDB configuration files to local file system, via VSIDE front-end tool
  • Import and export console utility "vside-cli"
  • Usage of VSIDE for the development of extension panels, including both Object Panel or Generic Panels, created manually or through the embedded wizard. Panels can be standard HTML/JS panels or REACT panels, eventually adopting the Eidosmedia REACT component library.

Access to UI REACT Design Library

Access to TechTalk Forum