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The Rapid-access Portal

The value you can add to your customers’ operations depends crucially on their being able to discover the elements they need in your research.

You can significantly increase this value by maximizing the discoverability of key insights and information.

An online portal lets your customers actively explore your research offering.

Power searching

AI-tagging and full-text searches lets customers drill down to data and references to key entities.

Filters and preference settings remove distractions and sharpen focus.

Dynamic exploration

Interactive charts and data visualizations promote deep understanding of models and datasets.

Universal access

Portal content is accessible by any device from smartphone to desktop PC.


Media enrichment

A simple drag & drop action inserts media formats like charts, images, videos and podcasts into the reporting text. Media assets reformat automatically to fit.


Automated checks and controls ensure compliance with quality and regulatory standards. AI-driven reviewing flags up inappropriate language and non-compliant references.

One-click publishing

Analysts publish reporting to the portal with a single click. Text, data and graphics are automatically formatted and assembled into a dynamic online resource base.


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