AI and automation in financial reporting

Reducing cost and complexity

The arrival of digitalized formats for investment research has been a mixed blessing for many research operations.

On the one hand, it has opened up a range of dynamic new channels and formats to reach consumers, from online portals to interactive charting and mobile-friendly reporting.

On the other, the need to prepare content to feed these new channels and formats threatens to add cost and complexity to the research operation, compromising the productivity of analysts and editors.

... to maximize the productivity of the analyst … while maintaining a high level of quality and compliance.

Automate to simplify

To overcome this trade-off and allow analysts to prepare rich, interactive reporting without expending time and energy in routine editorial tasks, Eidosmedia platforms have always made intensive use of automated processes – both ‘traditional’ and, increasingly, AI driven.

The result is to maximize the productivity of the analyst and cut time-to-market, while maintaining a high level of quality and compliance.

Automatic multichannel layout

All reporting starts with an empty template, already formatted for all output versions, from traditional PDF to web-page, mobile-friendly and newsletter formats.

Fixed content, like disclaimers and disclosures, is automatically inserted from a central repository at the time of document creation, ensuring it is up to date.

All introduced content, from charts and tables to sidenotes, footnotes & figure galleries automatically reformats to fit the layout.

The result is reporting fully formatted in all published channels and versions without requiring manual adjustment from the analyst.

Real-time data updates

Once introduced, numerical data is live-linked to external sources so that it updates automatically, without manual intervention. Stock tickers, asset values, the output of external financial models are all displayed in real time up to (and in the case of digital formats) beyond the moment of publication.

Names of organizations and entities auto-complete using external data sources to ensure text references are correct and in standard format.

Auto compliance and quality control

Compliance and quality control are essential areas that can absorb significant time and resources. Eidosmedia uses intelligent workflow controls to handle all but the most high-level supervision tasks.

The AI-driven Writing Assistant checks analysts’ language for a range of routine issues from spelling and grammar to imprecise and unclear expressions, freeing reviewers to concentrate on high-level report content.

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AI-assisted authoring

Routine editorial tasks like writing titles, preparing summaries and bullet-point lists and SEO editing for online content can safely be entrusted to AI ‘assistants’ integrated into the editorial workspace.

This frees up the analyst to concentrate on the core activities adding maximum value to the reporting.

Personalized delivery and consumption tracking

The automation of routine processes extends into the distribution phase. Pre-formated componentized reporting is automatically distributed to subscribers in selections and formats based upon their subscription status and preferences.

Distribution routines can be configured to deliver highly personalized services to individual or groups of customers, without manual intervention.

This mechanism can be interfaced with Intelligent CRM applications to dynamically adjust delivery according to invididual consumption patterns.



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