A digital financial research distribution platform

Fast, flexible delivery

Delivering componentized research in digital formats opens up new modes of reporting, tailored for the active consumer.

Interactive formats speed access to significant insights, boost consumer engagement and the value of research in supporting investment decisions.

They also offer the possibility to sell reporting components in digital formats to other research operations.

The rapid-access research portal

Unlike emailed PDFs, the rapid-access portal lets customers actively explore the research portfolio, filtering and drilling down to get the insights they need. Interactive graphics and data visualizations aid in-depth understanding of datasets.

Publishing to the portal is completely automatic – leaving authors and editors to concentrate on their reporting and the needs of their audience.

AI-driven interactive graphics

Digital formats can be enriched with interactive data visualizations that customers can use to deepen their understanding of a domain.

AI-driven applications allow authors without special skills or training to create advanced data visualizations.

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Research as aService

“Research as a Service”

Automatic distribution

All reporting originates in multi-channel mode covering a range of formats from a brief newsflash in a smartphone messaging app to a web portal with interactive graphics or a conventional PDF document.

All of these delivery formats are generated automatically from a common content base and require no action from authoring staff.

They publish with a single click.

AI-enhanced personalized delivery

Componentized reporting can be delivered to individuals or groups of consumers, in an automatic selection according to their preference or subscription status.

Combined with AI-enhanced consumption analytics (see below) this customization can be dynamically calibrated to maximize engagement and revenue.

‘Research as a Service’ – API output

For research producers who provide reporting to other firms, Eidosmedia’s powerful APIs expose their production in online formats, allowing other operators to access reporting and data elements that can be ‘repackaged’ in their own research products.

This ‘Research as a Service’ mechanism significantly increases the revenue that can be generated from a research portfolio, without requiring manual intervention or management.

Real-time consumption analytics

Digital formats provide detailed data about customers’ consumption of the research product.

  • Which reports and are receiving most customer attention?
  • Which analysts are creating customer engagement?
  • What kinds of reporting and data formats are most accessed by customers?

Eidosmedia platforms integrate with specialized CRM applications like Singletrack to maximize revenue and the engagement of the customer base.



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