Extending the research platform

Integration with third-party applications

To provide functionality that goes beyond their core content-management functions, Eidosmedia platforms are designed to integrate easily with best-of-breed third-party applications to deliver the required performance.

These third-party tools include standard applications like MS Excel™ to provide data modelling and charting functions and Adobe Creative Suite™ for graphic design.

Standard APIs and the EOL framework

In addition to these standard applications, Eidosmedia platforms are able to integrate other third-party tools through their standard, fully documented, REST APIs. These allow full interoperability between Eidosmedia platforms and a vast range of third-party applications and environments.

To further facilitate interfacing with external apps and data sources, Eidosmedia platforms are equipped with External Object Linking (EOL).

EOL is a framework that quickly establishes a REST connection with the external app, as well as creating a panel in the UI allowing users to manage exchanges with the external environment.

Eidosmedia customers are already using the EOL to link data sources and visualization tools like Python and R into their editorial workspaces.

Integratable apps – the Marketplace

The Marketplace is a space for developers featuring plugins and extensions that have already been integrated with Eidosmedia platforms. Some can be tested and installed directly from the Marketplace, others can be requested from the Eidosmedia support team.

The Marketplace is fully integrated into the Premium version of the VSIDE developers’ environment.

Check out the Marketplace >


Adobe CS

Graphic and media design

Amenity analytics

ML-driven semantic tagging and NLP analytics


AI-driven text-to-speech



AI-based advanced translation


Microsoft Excel

Data modelling and charting functions



Programming language



Statistical programming language



Advanced CRM for capital markets



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