Moving to the cloud

A SaaS solution for financial research platforms

Most large organizations have now moved all or part of their IT infrastructure into ‘the cloud’ in order to obtain the gains in flexibility and cost reduction associated with a cloud deployment.

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What is a cluod SaaS solution?

When an organization moves to a cloud solution, their server infrastructure is installed in a private or public cloud (for example, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure).

There it is managed remotely by Eidosmedia engineers who take care of maintenance, updates and extensions and ensure that the platform works smoothly at all times.

Cloud solutions are usually provided on a SaaS basis – a regular subscription fee to access the platform ‘as a service’.

The availability of the solution is defined through a service level agreement (SLA).Benefitsservice level agreement (SLA).


Simplification - The most obvious benefit of a cloud enterprise SaaS solutionis that the organization is no longer involved in housing and maintaining physical infrastructure.

Cost reduction - apart from hardware and hosting expenses, moving to the cloud also reduces staffing costs. Savings in TCO (total cost of ownership) are typically between 20% and 40%.

Risk-free innovation - a cloud platform is an ideal laboratory to try out new editorial and delivery solutions (many AI and ML-driven) without impacting current production.

Cloud security assurance

While cloud deployments offer levels of continuity and reliability that it would be difficult to replicate in a local installation, organizations in the financial sector have specific security needs that the cloud environment must be able to satisfy.

Eidosmedia cloud solutions have been implemented for large banking organizations providing access to a global workforce while securing the system perimeter to a level consistent with the organizations’ stringent data protection standards (see case study: A high-security global cloud platform for investment research.)

Eidosmedia’s cloud deployments are certified to ISO/IEC 27017 levels – an internationally recognized set of security controls for cloud services.

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