Workflow orchestration

Collaboration and workflow management

As the number of people in an operation grows, conventional and informal coordination methods - emails, phone calls, shouts across the office - become steadily less effective in keeping the work flowing.

‘Dead time’ builds up, errors and misunderstandings become common.

Remote working makes things worse.


A shared planning space

The high-visibility workspaces used by Eidosmedia platforms restore simplicity to the collaboration process.

In a shared planning space, coordinators can assign tasks and share materials; analysts and support staff have their assets at their fingertips; everyone can see what their teammates are doing and coordinators can monitor progress in real time.

Revision tracking and version control

As team members edit the reporting, powerful revision-tracking functions, rivalling those of standard office applications, shows the changes made and those responsible.

Checkpoints prevent content moving forward in the workflow until a particular operation (legal approval, for example) been carried out. Those responsible for approving content are automatically flagged when material is ready for their attention.

Each time an item is saved, a new version is created. Previous versions can be restored to recover from editing errors or corruption.

Versioning creates a complete ‘audit trail’, tracking all changes made to content and those responsible for them.



High precision – low supervision

Each story and media item in the workflow has permissions associated with it – who can do what to that object. The permissions change as the items proceed through the workflow. They ensure that only authorized users can carry out permitted operations at each stage.

Combined with workflow controls, these significantly improve the compliance and quality of reporting materials, while reducing the need for manual supervision.

Check out our platforms and workspaces

A solution combines one or more platforms with one or more workspaces.



Pure Digital Delivery


Digital and Print Delivery



Mobile Workspace


Windows Workspace

Remote working – any location

Team members can access the workflow from any location using any device from laptop to smartphone.

Using fully featured mobile workspaces, staff in remote locations carry out a complete range of editorial and supervisory tasks, from creating and releasing report content to task assignment and team monitoring.

Mobile users are subject to the same workflow controls and security protocols as local team members



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