Eidosmedia - Future of Content 2021

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The pandemic has created unique opportunities for digital and cultural change.

This year’s event will look at lessons learned, as well as how developments like intense mobile working, cloud deployment and print automation have contributed to making operations more agile.


Eidosmedia Agenda  Future of Content 2021

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The event is divided into four modules: two in June and two in September.

Each module lasts two hours: New York 10 AM - 12 PM, London 3-5 PM, Rome 4-6 PM

September 14th

Shanshan Wang; Xuejiao Liu

Editor of Copy Desk, China Daily. Leader of editorial support team - IT department, China Daily
Technology promotes media integration amid pandemic: China Daily’s project during COVID-19 and the evolution of Eidosmedia’s tools.
EVOLUTION (10:40 - 11:20 EST)

Massimo Barsotti

Chief Marketing Officer, Eidosmedia
“Product Thinking” is a new approach for media companies, already applied by the most successful newsrooms – what’s the role of the CMS in it?
PARTNER CASE STUDY (11:20 – 12:00 EST)

Isabel Pineira, Cécile Moreno, Zoé Leclercq Müller

Deputy Head of Marketing, Agence France-Presse; Group Marketing Business Analyst, Agence France-Presse; API product manager, AFP​
The evolution of content integration: how Méthode fully embraces the new distribution model from Agence France-Presse.​

September 16th
INNOVATION (10.00 - 10:30 EST)

Zarko Panic

Chief Product Officer, Eidosmedia
Extending the value of Méthode and Cobalt with integrations. How Eidosmedia latest tools and tech are used to build a partner’s ecosystem.
NEW FEATURES (10:30 - 11:15 EST)

Michael Lockyer

Product Manager for Digital Solutions, Eidosmedia
Swing and Prime for editorial excellence: a preview of Prime ver. 8 and a roundup of features focused on the journalists’ user experience.
PARTNER CASE STUDY (11:15 – 11:45 EST)

Gordon Edall, Zarko Panic

Vice President, Sophi.io; Chief Product Officer, Eidosmedia​
With Print Automation a top priority for all Eidos’ customer, let’s preview how it can be achieved integrating Sophi.io successful market solution.

June 22nd
KEYNOTE (10.00 - 10:40 EST)

Prof. Dr Lucy Kueng

Senior Research Executive, Reuters Institute, Oxford University
Coming out of Covid stronger. Seizing the moment to accelerate digital growth
What organizational, cultural and leadership developments will be needed to allow workforces to master the powerful new technological resources that have become available?
TECH SUPPORT (10:40 - 11:20 EST)

Cristiano Meda

Chief Technology Officer, Eidosmedia
Exploring the Developers’ Program
The state of the art of Eidos’ developer ecosystem: accelerate integration with Eidosmedia’s services leveraging on cross-platform opportunities.
INNOVATION (11:20 – 12:00 EST)

Holger Hofmann

Chief Operating Officer, Eidosmedia​
Holistic security and Eidosmedia solutions​
Intrinsic security in operations following ISO 27001 certification and increased security in our software and architecture, from cloud to DR to remote workspaces.

June 24th

Dina Gower

Director of Delivery, Financial Times
FT’s Reach for the Cloud
The story of migrating FT's print CMS to the Cloud. How we approached the project to implement a large-scale change on tight timescales and with minimum disruption, and what we learned from it.
INNOVATION (10:40 – 11:20 EST)

Zarko Panic

Chief Product Officer, Eidosmedia
Digital archives with Méthode
Implementing a DAM with Méthode is an opportunity for consolidation in a proven and capable platform, simplifying end users’ adoption, improving efficiency with a cost-effective solution.
NEW FEATURES (11:20 – 12:00 EST)

Michael Lockyer

Product Manager for Digital Solutions, Eidosmedia
Swing and Prime, relentless innovation
A showcase of new features in Eidosmedia client apps.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content 2021

Speakers >>

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Prof. Dr Lucy Kueng

Prof. Dr Lucy Kueng

Senior Research Executive, Reuters Institute, Oxford University.

Professor Lucy Kueng is an expert on successful responses to the challenges of digitalization. Lucy advises leading companies worldwide, keynotes frequently at international conferences and is the author of numerous books including Going Digital, Innovators in Digital News and Strategic Management in the Media.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Cristiano Meda

Cristiano Meda

Chief Technology Officer, Eidosmedia

Cristiano Meda is a passionate change agent and Agile champion, with a proven track record of implementing efficient Agile, Lean and XP practices into teams to maximize output and reduce technical debt.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Zarco Panic

Zarko Panic

Chief Product Officer, Eidosmedia

Zarko Panic has over ten years’ experience with market-leading tech and financial services companies. He has worked for companies such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Refinitiv.

Zarko joined Eidosmedia as CPO at the beginning of 2020.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content  - Dina Gower

Dina Gower

Director of Delivery, Financial Times

Dina Gower joined Financial Times in 2018 as a Senior Delivery Manager, responsible for migrating FT's print CMS, Methode, to a Cloud SaaS model, and other projects in the newsroom tooling space. She recently assumed the role of Delivery Director in Internal Products, a group that enables technology and data solutions for FT's internal teams.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Michael Lockyer

Michael Lockyer

Product Manager for Digital Solutions, EidosMedia

Michael joined EidosMedia in 2012 as an application specialist in the professional services team. Michael moved to the Product Office in 2019 with responsibility for the front-end application suite.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Holger Hoffman

Holger Hoffman

Chief Operating Officer, EidosMedia

Holger Hofmann Chief Operating Officer, Eidosmedia. Holger has been with Eidosmedia since 2006, when he was responsible for building the company’s presence in the German market. In his role as COO since 2017 he is in charge of Project and SaaS/Managed Service delivery, focusing on streamlined deployments, cloud strategy and security.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Shanshan Wang

Shanshan Wang

Editor of Copy Desk, China Daily

Shanshan Wang is Editor of China Daily’s Copy Desk. A graduate of the Columbia University Journalism School, she joined China Daily in 2000, was a news reporter at its offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing, a news editor, a feature writer and editor. She represents the editorial side in China Daily’s 2020-21 project with Eidosmedia.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Xuejiao Liu

Xuejiao Liu

Leader of Editorial Support Team – IT Department, China Daily

Xuejiao Liu is leader of China Daily’s editorial support team at the IT department. She has been involved in China Daily’s cooperation with Eidos Media since 2015, and worked on all the three major projects that have been carried out by the two sides. She is the project manager on the China Daily side in its 2020-21 project with Eidosmedia.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Isabel Pineira

Isabel Pineira

Deputy Head of Marketing, Agence France-Presse

Isabel is responsible for the interconnection of AFP’s product offers and delivery systems. She has nearly 20 years of experience at AFP and has overseen the integration of AFP’s new distribution model into the Eidos media platform.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Cécile Moreno

Cécile Moreno

Group Marketing Business Analyst, Agence France-Presse

Cécile is responsible for Marketing Business Analysis and design new commercial offers. Client centric focused, she has an extensive experience in listening and understanding customers’ insights, analyzing datas to build relevant marketing strategies.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Zoé Leclercq Müller

Zoé Leclercq Müller

API product manager, AFP News

More than 8 years in the media sector, proud to work at Agence France-Presse for almost 5 years. Has worked on different products, then became API product manager. Kicked off the partnership with Eidosmedia 3 years ago. Is also now in charge of AFP's new client's platform AFP News.

Eidosmedia - Future of Content - Gordon Edall

Gordon Edall

Vice President, Sophi.io

Gordon Edall is VP, Sophi.io and the Director of Globe Labs at The Globe and Mail. In building out the Globe innovations lab program, called Lab351, an identity for the Lab emerged centered around the intersection of User Experience and Machine Learning. This led to his role with Sophi. Prior to this, Gordon worked in the data science group at The Globe and Mail and managed the build out of an advanced analytic stack including the predictive modeling and recommendation systems the company relies on today. Earlier in his career, he wrote a column in the investing section called Number Cruncher.

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